Speaking of eBay, how do you know

what IS a good deal or not? I don’t have a lot of REAL in person LYS expereince, so I’m not sure what the usual going retail rate is on stuff. Yarndex will list the suggested retail price on some items, but it doesn’t have everything, particularly stuff that might be from overseas or has been discontinued. Does it just take some experience and research?

And of course shipping & handling has to be considered too.

LOL, I just buy what I like, within reason! I will research around online for the ‘normal’ price with shipping & then go for it. Although, personally, I don’t do auctions I usually just buy “Buy It Now” items like Jeff’s addi’s & Yarnbow yarn because I like to go ahead & know that I’m getting an item rather than waiting around to see if I won…I’m not a patient person when it comes to knitting :roflhard:

I tried to explain to my mom when I was selling some stuff for her, what is reasonable is what people are willing to pay. My husband had a Japanese toy from 1981 and he sold it online for $500. I couldn’t tell you what it was actually worth, but someone thought it was worth it.

I just think if you can afford it, and it makes you happy, then its reasonable! :thumbsup:

You just had to go and say that, didn’t you, you enabler, you. :wink:

I like to think of myself as more of an “encourager” or “supporter”. :roflhard:

For stuff that is widely available I will check yarndex, joann.com or other online stores to see what their prices are to compare. It is harder to know for old/discontinued/rare yarns though. I usually start by plugging the yarn name in google and seeing if anything that is returns has pricing info. I also compare to other yarns of similar fiber content/weight/skein size. In addition, I always figure out what shipping will be and add that to the total cost before figuring my price-per-skein to compare with. There are some good deals on e-bay, but if you aren’t careful you can easily pay just as much as at your LYS plus shipping.