Speaking of DH's

My husband is a knot-freak… :shrug: :shrug: He loves to dig-in my “scrap” bag and untangle all those little balls of yarn…Is that a disease? He’s a keeper :cheering: :cheering: :happydance:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My DH’s great thing is that he likes going yarn shopping with me and he always asks “are you SURE that is all you want to get?”

Yet another keeper! :thumbsup:

Wow–that’s really cool! He is a keeper! Isn’t it sweet when husbands do sweet little thoughtful things like that?

Can I borrow both of yours for a while?

Mine is a gem but doesn’t get knitting at all - he’s actually terrified I’ll knit something for him!!! :??

That would be my Mom. She loves to untangle my yarn. She says there is something soothing about it and she feels accomplished when she gets it all done.

Me – I have to stop myself from grabbing the scissors and cutting out all the knots! :gah:


My DH is the best. He listens very intently when I talk about knitting, he’s even been to the yarn store and felt up all the different fibers. He has no interest whatsoever, but he is SO GOOD at pretending. The fact that he would bother tells me he’s a keeper!

My mom loves untangling yarn too. :shrug:

:noway: What?! Where do you find men like that?

I wanted to show my husband e-mail that I had received, so I called him into my office. He yelled from the kitchen, “You’re not planning on showing me pictures of more yarn, are you?”

I am up for a bit to let the dog out and couldn’t stand it, I had to check in over here and what do I find?! A post about DH’s…well, ask around, I know I’ve not been here in a while cause the doc has had me on and off (mostly on) bedrest for a few months…BUT…I have THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD, hands down :muah:
LOL, I was able to go on vacation, then had major, major setbacks when we returned. So, it’s taken me a few weeks to do this, edit the pics (one now and then) and then post the goodies on my blog (type a bit and save as draft for several days) so that I could reveal my Knitty Christmas goodies…you will notice a few very cool ones from my bud, horve1 and the rest are from the greatest husband in the world, Lonnie…go have a look :muah:
He’s since surprised me with some other goodies, but it will take a while for me to create another post. LOL, as a matter of fact, I’ve sat far too long creating this post, but ya’ll know I couldn’t pass up talking about Lonnie, The Man…the husband of the Spoiled Knitter :wink:

LOL, all that said to say that Lonnie spoils me with knitty things constantly…hasn’t slowed down one bit since I’ve been away from KH for health reasons :teehee:


cheley, can you send your hubby over here for a bit? :teehee:

I must say, mine is a keeper too. When I was wavering back and forth about the Options set (I couldn’t decide if I wanted to spend that much money since I had just quit my job), he basically ordered me to get them. How could I argue with that?

And he actually listens when I talk about knitting. I know this because one day I was knitting something and he asked me if what I was doing was purling (I was). :roflhard:

I think my dh is great b/c he no longer asks to see the credit card bill after I go to the LYS!! LOL!!!


Cristy~~ Doesn’t even ask to see the credit care anymore~? :cheering: :cheering:

Funny, “soothing” is the last word I’d use to describe untangling knots!

My DH is a keeper too, but I wouldn’t have married him otherwise. :wink:

My DH doesn’t love to untangle knots, but if he sees me getting all worked up over one he demands that I hand it over. :teehee: He hates seeing me get upset… plus he knows I will just end up making it worse. He also has plans on building me a swift and a niddy noddy. Biggest of all, he actually helped to teach me to knit! When I was trying to learn from the videos here I was having a heck of a time. He asked to watch them, picked up the cast on & knit stitch like nothing, and then taught me! I figured the rest out from there! His only downfall is that he is not interested in me knitting him anything at all. No hats, scarfs, NOTHING. But I still love him. :teehee:

SJ! Shane logged into your account again!


I have no DH. And no rent to pay. So lots of money for yarns. :happydance:

My DH bathes my cats and walks around half-naked. He lets me force him into untangling knots even though he hates it. He doesn’t complain about the yarn I buy and very lovingly reminds me to shave my pits by calling me a wildebeast :shrug:

I guess he’s mostly okay :slight_smile: :heart:

My dh is a darling…so even though he has been annoying me to pieces the past week or so, and even though he thinks knitting is a disease…I still love that man. Now, if I could get him to be an untangler (although he would probably feel that he was “enabling” me…), our lives would be so much easier!


my hubby thinks I’m an adict. He doesn’t see the attraction in all the yarn but he still got me some gorgeous freedom wool for xmas, and he holds hanks for me to wind into balls.

Mostly he watches me and says things like “it seems like you’ve been knitting those socks forever… and you are just going to give them away. You are crazy”. Or… “You are never going to finish that baby blanket in time. Poor cold baby”

Then he’ll make silly comments about how many kids must be knitting socks in factories around the world to make the ‘six-packs’ of wool socks you can buy. :rofl:

I’ll keep him anyways though. at least he is entertaining.

Well, my DBF isn’t my DH, but he’s really sweet. He doesn’t untangle my yarn, but he did let me knit him something, a vest. Now it’s finished he wears it all the time. I practically have to tear it from his body to wash it. He’s definitely a keeper

He BATHES the cats??? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :notworthy:
My kitty babies won’t even let me BRUSH them without a big fight~! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: