Speaking of curling edges......!

I am making my first sweater, a Kim Hargreaves pattern, with the suggested Debbie Bliss Merino DK. I’m only on the first part, the back, and it’s all stockinette. Will this magically become all better at some point and not be shaped like a tube??? I figured that since this is a well known designer, surely the pattern couldn’t lead me down a path to permanent tubeness! This project may take me forever, and it would be comforting to know that at the end, I will actually have knitted a sweater and not a garment for a dachsund. Sally

I’m assuming it’s a back that will be seamed to a front, so if it’s not, I don’t know! But it should be fine once it’s all put together.

seaming the front and the back will help a good amount, blocking before you seam will help a lot.

Yes, seaming will take care of the curling.