Speaking of charity giving

:sad: Our charity group “Warm hands Warm Hearts”, is in desperate need of blankets…We have only limited our knitting to hats, mittens, scarfs, and burial buntings, also Teddy Bear sweaters (as we dress the bears for the kids on “Life Flight” trips) However, at last night’s “thank you” “luncheon” we are now taking on a children’s shelter…A safe haven where children (usually with no stable parents or relatives) can stay. Maybe due to incarceration, seperation or illness…We were told that most of the time the kids arrive with only “the clothes on their backs” Heartbreaking :cry: So if anyone out there has blankets…please pm me…Thanks alot:hug: Cheley

Don’t forget fleece throws for kid blankets. They’re very inexpensive, soft and cuddly, washable, and usually already blanket-stitched around the edges so it’s easy to work a shell stitch or other fancy border. You can find them in all colors and many cute kids’ prints. I’ve seen people put pockets on them for teddy bears, turn them into “quillows” (where you sew a pocket on the outside for the blanket to turn into when they have to carry it), put zipper pockets on them so small toys or other personal items won’t get lost…there are many, many possibilities and they work up really quickly whether you’re knitting, crocheting, or sewing. Two make a sleeping bag for an older child or small adult. One folded sideways will work for a toddler.

Also, most fabric stores’ remnant bins will have fleece cuts of right around a yard in their remnant bins. Since it’s generally about 60" wide, that’s already the right size. Blanket-stitch a foundation row and go from there–ruffles, shells, or what have you.

Remember, these kids are shuffled around a lot and facilities throw everything in the washing machine on Hot, so wool or delicate yarn is not a good idea. Think sturdy.

:woohoo: Hey great idea…Thank you and that will be even quicker than:knitting: one:muah:

I’m almost finished with a cushy baby blanket that measures about 36 inches square. Would that work?

pm’d you:aww:

am in a group called Threads of Love that makes items for preemies. there are chapters all over the place. hats,bootees, and"kangaroo blankets " (these are 18"square blankets used when the parents hold the babies ‘skin to skin’ for extra warmth and modesty. we meet each week and have a wonderful time, knitting, crocheting and sewing for the tiny ones.linknit41

My experience is that fleece blankets are not only easy, they’re fairly economical compared to buying yarn for a blanket. Of course, if people give you enough yarn, that’s not an issue. Fleece is very popular with both genders and all ages.

What a clever idea to add a zipper pocket. I’ll have to remember that. :yay:

I like the cutting guideline that gives you waves. It makes fleece look fancy, and it’s not hard to work with. http://www.junetailor.com/

Here are some ideas: http://www.sewing.org/enthusiast/html/ef_easy_fleece_edges.html