Speaking of buying needles

Has anyone else noticed that jeff.wonderland (eBay) has disappeared? He’s still a registered seller but he hasn’t had any auctions up for a few weeks.

I just sold a bunch of stuff on eBay and was planning on using the $$ to stock up on $6.50 Addi Turbo needles! Do y’all think maybe he’s on vacation? :??

No clue! I did buy an addis from him once and I know he has been pretty popular with the prices he offers. Maybe you could email him and get the scoop if you are ready to buy.

Hi everyone
I just bought the set of Boye circular needles on Ebay. The ones that have size starting at size 2. Got them for $36.00 incl. shipping. He said they were new. I was going to go to Michaels today with my 40% coupon but saw this. They were $10.00 cheaper. Will let you know when I receive them. Rebecca :slight_smile:

YAY! Isn’t getting new needles fun? Now just the waiting…

Waiting is not my thing lol. I just hope that they are not the ones that Silver said were defective, because I won’t be able to send them back.

oh, if you mean the sticky ones, those were the Denise set, not the Boye.

Thanks then no worry :slight_smile:

wonderland is back on ebay today i see…if anybody wants to go shoppin’! :wink:

Woooo hoooo! Thanks for the heads up!!! :cheering:

I could not find his site on ebay, do you have a link?

This is his store… http://stores.ebay.com/Your-Wonderland

But it is empty! Brendajos? You sure it was him? :??

well heck i have about 6 sets of needles in my watch list from him but it looks like they have been removed …well maybe not…i don’t know all the links and stuff on his items are broken so maybe he had trouble posting them. anyway one of the items is 8211924828. Mebbe you can find him that way?

looks like the store listed in that listing is called My.BestShop?

it looks like he started a new listing maybe?

You’re right…new ID…how strange!

The store: http://stores.ebay.com/My-BestShop

Thanks brendajos!!

Glad I decided to browse this forum today! I just bought two Addis from the aforementioned Mr. Wonderland, and I know I saved from what I would have paid at my (lovely but overpriced) LYS.

Can’t wait to start my Tempted


Interesting … If I remember correctly, I read a thread elsewhere that claimed Skacel shut down another ebay seller who was was selling nicely priced Addis. Apparently that ebay seller wasn’t authorized to sell Addis. Perhaps Mr. Wonderful had a run-in with Skacel? :thinking:

that is possible. i am a little worried …have been stalking his auctions for a few days cuz that new listing makes me nervous. i decided to roll the dice and order two sets though. if this new listing is legit i will probably order more…unless of course he disappears…lol

Disappears??? :oo: :shock:

lol…i wasn’t talking about someone disappearing him…just that if his store disappears again i won’t be able to buy more from him.

but yeah…i suppose if someone disappears him too then i won’t be able to either. :rofling: :rofling:

:oops: :oops: :roflhard: Well gee … I didn’t mean to imply the Skacel would make him “swim with the fishes”… :roflhard: