Speaking of blogs

How many of you have checked out my blog? I update it often, put in lots of photos/etc.

Just wondering if you’ve visited and enjoyed or enjoy reading it. (if you’ve visited more than once of course) :wink:

I know that there hasn’t been a lot of knitting-- because, I started it when I had a tendon injury in my hand and couldn’t knit for awhile.

I’ve checked out your blog several times. My husband went on manuevers to Korea, he’s always loved it there, wants to go back, as well as to Okinawa, where he spent most of his elementary years as a dependant.

Think it’s very sweet that you made all the little outfits to go with the Barbie-type doll.

One thing I haven’t been able to pick up, WHY are you living and working over there? Is the explanation somewhere on your blog and I’ve missed it? I’d like to go just to see the Christmas stores. They were wonderful in Germany and Austria, looks like they’d be fun in Korea.

Yeah!! Someone who has checked out my blog! :happydance: Happy dance!

I am here… because I teach the children of the US MILITARY assigned here. Without us… (teachers) they wouldn’t be able to have their families here. *And, many don’t in Seoul anyway- it can be a remote assignment for some. (meaning their families - if they are married- don’t come here to live and the military are only stationed here for one year if that is the case.)

I’ve read it! I loved the Christmas decoration store, lots of sparkly.
Credit to you for being there to help those kids - I hope they appreciate it!

I read it! Love the glimpses into a culture so very different from mine - and still can’t get over a vast - sheer quanties! - of choices at the different markets you have photographed.

I enjoy reading it and look forward to when you can post more knitting items as your injury finally heals!