Sparkling clean travel mug

I know it seems silly but I finally got my husband’s stainless steel travel mug gleaming like brand new on the inside !! The hubs fills it with coffee every morning and perhaps again in the afternoon at work. One would hope he at least rinses it before refilling it but who knows. If it is on the counter when I do dishes I wash it but even still it gets this build-up on the inside that drives me bananas.

The solution - boiling water and about 2 tablespoons of Borax. I let it sit for a couple of hours and gave it a few shakes. I emptied it and all these flakes came out (it was rather gross actually). I washed it and it is sparkling clean.

The hubs reaction this morning “What? Now all the flavor is gone.”

I don’t know why I bother

:?? Men. :wink:

Yeah, why bother? That’s a good idea and I hope I remember it when I need it. If it cleans out coffee patina it should clean out just about anything. Thanks!

also works with baking soda, or oxyclean. i get all my travel mugs/cups, and coffee carafe clean this way.

also, i saw at fred meyer/kroger last week, a handy helper for cleaning silverware - it suction cups to the side of the sink, and has bristles facing each other. you just run the fork/spoon up and down in a plunging motion. it was very ‘as seen on tv’ with its packaging, but i almost… :wink:

That sounds like it could be a handy gizmo/gadget/thingamabob/doohickey/whatchamacallit (take your pick). I got a pasta boat and really like it and at $4.99 I went and got one for my daughter too, my son had one he left behind, now I have two of 'em myself. I watch at Grocery Outlet for these things. If I don’t like what I get it goes back for a quick and easy refund to buy something else in the store since I’m there I might as well see what they have and I always find something so I see why they’re so easy about returns.

Ice and salt work well for swirling around in a coffee carafe. When I worked at a convenience store I learned that the slushee stuff works well too but that’s not convenient to use at home.

i had to look up the pasta boat… and then ‘oh yeah, i know that!’ i attached pictures of the “cutlery clean’r.” apparently it has color choices. the yakima grocery outlet is decidedly ghetto, even after a remodel and a few management changes. it’s near the mall and a main shopping area, so when i worked that way i might stop by for a sale item or two, but it’s been a while.

Thanks for the pic!

I could have been thoughtful and considerate and included a link…belated but in case someone is interested here it is.

There are two GOs in my area, one about a mile away, the other near my DD’s and I’m out that way frequently for Fred Meyer and Wallyworld so I go to it, and it’s the better of the two stores. The one closest gets extremely awful then gets new management and improves for a while then back to extremely awful. There’s one guy that works checkout there that I absolutely cannot tolerate. He thinks he has to keep up a running commentary on each customer’s purchases. He may not be as slow as he seems but I’ll wait out another line before I go through his. If nobody else is working checkout I’ll walk out of the store and leave the cart for them to empty. Ty[pically that’s not my style so it might tell you just how much he gets on my nerves.

XtopherCB - I’ve tried the baking soda and vinegar and it really didn’t work for this mug. I use it regularly on the glass coffee pot and it does great. Something about the stainless steel and the fact that coffee sits in it for hours it just gets a build-up that the coffee pot does not. The mug is enormous and not dimensions that allow it to be scrubbed easily.

Next time, try the cement mixer thing that Mythbusters tested.