Spare Yarn Blanket Set

I have been using up all this yarn that I got for my birthday (which is today, but I got the yarn about a week ago) and I was given a lot of yarn from my grandma when she visited 1 month ago. So now i have 1/4ths of balls and some 1/2 balls. As well as 1 ball of yarn I got that I wanted to us before I buy more yarn. I am going to make a blanket (with sleeves, like a snuggy) and 2 throw pillows. As well as a little blanket to put on my chair to make it softer.

All good ideas. Happy Birthday and good luck with the projects!

That sounds cool! Can’t wait to see it!

Happy Birthday!

Happiness is getting yarn for your birthday, yes?

A very happy birthday to you!

You’ve got some great ideas for using up your scrumptious yarn. Can’t wait to see some pictures!!

Happy birthday! Love your ideas, they sound like a lot of fun. Will your projects be lots of mixed colors? That would be really cool.

I made a spare yarn throw way back in my teens. Can’t wait to see yours.

Sounds like a great idea for spare yarn. No doubt your grandma will be thrilled to see what you have done with the yarn she has given you. Have you got a pattern you are working to?