Wow! Has anyone noticed the birthdays today? Looks like lots of spammers used today’s date, may be a good way to get rid of a few of them…

Yeah, we see it. It’s not as simple as just banning them due to a join date issue. We’ll do our best though. I suspect these were one time users just trying to get their links here.

I usually use this date because I don’t care to include my real birth date. I’m old enough to be on this forum, if that’s what they need to know–otherwise, it tain’t none of their business when my real birthday is!!!

Personally I don’t care if anyone knows how old I am. It is what it is. The year is optional though and you can hide your birthdate as well.

No, I understand that, just thought it would be an easy way to check out suspicious user names and see if they had spam links in their sigs since so many of them were listed right there at the bottom.

Me too, Jan. Doesn’t really make any difference. However, I have been known to answer with just the month and day when asked for my birthdate. Then when I’m asked . . . ‘and the year?’ I say, “every year” (: ) Or . . . I may steal a line and say, "Honey, I’m so old, when I was born the Dead Sea was just feeling a little bit sick."

You’re right and we did do that. I think all but two were spammers. :hair: I was able to go in, change dates, delete links and ban for a few of them.