Soy Yogurt?

Does anyone here eat soy yogurt? I am severely lactose intolerant and even though they say “yogurt doesn’t cause problems for most people” it’s awful for me. I bought some Whole Soy Raspberry today and had some tonite with blueberries on it. It was okay, but of course not as good as regular yogurt. I also got a carton of Silk Live soy yogurt to try, too. Anyone have any experience with this? Have you tried any others? My daughter suggested Greek Yogurt, but I fear with my level of intolerance it probably wouldn’t work either. I hate to give it up because I love my blueberries in it. :shrug:

Hi Jan,

I think the trick to switching to soy from cow’s milk is just to dive in and try to get used to it. I had to drop dairy from our diet when my son was very young due to allergies (milk protein, not lactose.) There is a difference that you will notice between the soy products and the ones made with cow’s milk for sure, but if you stick with it, the soy stuff won’t seem so strange after a while.

My family was dairy free for many years and we really didn’t miss it at all. I did try soy and rice cheeses but they were pretty bad so we just didn’t eat cheese products.

If you are lactose intolerant I can’t imagine the Greek yogurt will help. I looked it up here and it doesn’t seem like a good choice.

Good luck! You can do it and your tummy will thank you in the long run.


PS – I thought you might be interested in this chart that lists the amount of lactose in dairy foods.

A friend of mine is lactose intolerant and what he does is that he doesn’t think of soy milk as milk (because really, it’s not), or soy yogurt as yogurt. He approaches these products as something different than milk products, so he isn’t even trying to compare the taste. Once he started doing that, he was able to appreciate soy products a lot more.

I think some Greek yogurts are done with ewe milk, so if you’re not intolerant to that, it could be an alternative. I’m not a specialist, but I would think there’s lactose in ewe milk or goat milk too, so I’m not sure it would really be an alternative. :shrug:

I briefly went off dairy b/c of intestinal issues and found I liked the Silk products the best. They do not compare at all to the “regular” products and none that I found did. Eventually I found that soy products gave me so much uncomfortable gas that seeing as how I didn’t care for the taste anyway I just stocked up on Lactaid tablets and probiotics and they work great for me. I can have a glass of milk and/or yogurt a day without any meds or troubles. It’s the cheeses and ice creams with higher fat contents that really get me.

Best of Luck

Hi Jan,

I eat this and I found it to be really good, and close to “real” milk yogurt. And their ice cream is delicious too!! Good luck!

Thanks for the replies and links!

I forgot to mention that I have been drinking soy milk (8th Continent) for years and love it! I drink the fat free vanilla one and like it best of all I’ve tried. I also eat Veggie Slices ‘cheese’ and like that just fine, too. I also found that Luna Bars are made pretty much dairy free so I can eat those, but some of the energy bars don’t work. Soy doesn’t seem to give me problems at all thank goodness.

I should also mention that I do use Lactaid tablets. I’ve used all the varieties over the years. Even the ones that have the most enzyme and claim you only need to take one do not work for some things no matter how many I take.

I haven’t see the Turtle Mountain products here, but I will look for them as I see they list a lot of the stores I shop at. Anything is worth a try and if they work I’ll be thrilled. I gave up ice cream years ago, too.

Have you tried goats milk? My youngest brother has really severe lactose intolerence, but when we switched him to goats milk, he was okayyyyy, but when we switched to raw organic (yeah, I know that’s a hot topic) cows milk, he was GREAT! That’s all we drink now, cream and all. (And none of us have had any health problems with it)

The Silk yogurt wasn’t too bad and was better than the Whole Soy. I want to try the So Delicious one though. I went to the website and they had a couple coupons, too!

Goat milk? Do they make goat milk yogurt? I don’t know, but I’ll keep it in mind. :wink:

Jan, yogurt was originally made out of goat or camel’s milk. My brother had to have goat’s milk when he was young (both of us are lactose intolerant now) and my Dad’s Mother, who came here from Armenia, taught my Mother how to make madzoon, yogurt, from it.

Not my favorite, but better to milk a goat than a camel.:teehee:

you can buy yogurt making kits so perhaps try one fo those with the brand of soy milk you use. I have had some lovely soy yoghurts and some horrid ones to although i cant think of the names of them now.

Yes, they make goat milk yogurt and ice cream. I don’t know about the yogurt, but the ice cream is REALLY expensive: $6.00 for a pint at the Whole Foods. :shock: The sample was really tasty, though…