Soy wool yarn

I just bought 3 GORGEOUS skeins of Patons SWS (soy wool stripes) in a pinky beige. I am thinking about making a purse, but I want to felt it. Will this yarn felt? It’s 70% wool and 30% soy. I haven’t felted anything before, but I keep reading that it needs to be 100% wool. Any input is appreciated.
Nicole :knitting:

Yeah, it needs to be 100% wool

The soy part won’t felt. If it was wool and alpaca, it would felt, but at different textures, most likely.

tried felting it.

Why not make a swatch and see?

It does felt. You can still see some stitch definition but it does get “fuller.” I didn’t do my felting project very well though so I would recommend watching it closely. Pull it out every 5minutes and check on it.

Anyone else had experience with felting it? I have some on the way and thinking about doing a felting project with it also.

Yeah, it felts. It felts like crazy so watch it carefully during the process. It appeared to me that the soy even felted…there was NO stitch definition left. It goes pretty fast, too.

I made a bag with it. It felts well and very quickly. I will try to find a picture. Here it is. Still needs button to finish.

I’ve heard of a stovetop method of felting, but I can’t remember the specifics of how to do it. My problem is, I only have access to a laundrymat washing machine, so I can’t control the cycle times. Anyone ever felted without a washing machine? Sounds weird, I know… :think:

I felted some slippers using the kitchen sink and my hands. It didn’t take very long and I liked being able to check it easily.

hi nicoleheather…

that’s pretty funny because today I bought the same exact yarn in the bluish color. I do agree with you… its beautiful yarn. I can’t wait to get started using it. I’ve actually never heard of the soy wool yarn before. It has a beautiful texture and the colors were gorgeous…

good luck on your purse…

Hi Mary, :muah:
Thanks for the info! I just have a few questions:
What was the water temperature of the water you used?
How did you agitate it? Did you have jeans in the water, or did you just use your hands?
Thanks again!!
:knitting: nicole

I’ve also felted slippers by hand, although I’m not sure I used the fastest or most efficient method possible. I made the water as warm as I could stand for it to be when I put my hands in it. I agitated it against a broiler pan. It took a while for it to felt the way I wanted, but my project turned out really nice.


Found this on hand felting.

Thanks for the link to the article! I’m definitely going to try with the swatch first, then the bag. I think it’s great that you can monitor it as you go, so that you can tell when exactly it’s finished.

I’ll post pictures when I’m done.

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I felted the swatch, and I LOVE IT!!! I’m so excited about it, and I’m REALLY glad I asked questions here on the forum. Thanks for all the great advice, everyone!!! :hug:

Now it’s time to actually knit the purse (I’m thinking about the Booga Bag), but I’m totally inspired now that I know how the colors will look after felting.

Here’s how I did the hand-felting: in the sink with really hot water and a tiny dishwashing liquid, and just used my hands, while wearing rubber gloves, to rub it and agitate it. It came out so well! This was my first time felting anything, and I was amazed at the difference between the swatch before and after, and to actually see it changing as it happened. The fabric is so much stiffer, and it shrank right in my hands. I was so glad I could still see the difference in the colors but the stitch definition is pretty much gone. Yahoooooo!!!
I took a couple pics (not great quality… it looks much better in person):

I made a booga bag with this last year. It felted so fast… I had it in the washer with a couple of pairs of jeans and the htotest water I could get. One cycle and it was way to small - I gave it to my little neice. Usually I have to run the washer twice to get the results I wanted. Just really keep checking it if you felt it in the machine after the first 5 minutes.