Sox Stix

Sox Stix by Lantern Moon for (obviously) socks. Has anyone used them? Like or dislike? I like the idea of shorter needles (5") but wonder if anyone has had trouble using such short stix?

Happy Knitting :waving:

They sound okay, but I don’t like wooden needles. If you do, I would say try them.

I was looking at those yesterday. I like using 6 inch needles, but I don’t know if I could handle using 5 1/2.

I probably couldn’t comfortably use them that short, either.

I :heart: my 5" DPNs for socks, tho they’re not Lantern Moon (mine are Clover and Brittany). I was too clumsy with my 8"s.

Not a big fan of short needles. They make my hands hurt. I assume I don’t have the leverage that I get with longer needles so I hold them in a death grip. Of course, if you have dainty hands, 5" may be perfectly adequate.

I’d love to hear about your experience with them if you do get them. Maybe I’m doing something wrong when using shorter needles, and one of you can enlighten me on their benefits.

I looooove the Blue Sky Alpaca ones, and I really really really want the sox sticks ones!

Short needles are perfect for making socks. If you have trouble dropping stitches off the back end you can wrap a small elastic around the ends.