Sox - Knit Slippers - Bernat

So, I’m done with the increases
Cast on 5 sts.
Beg at heel, work in garter st (knit every row), inc 1 st each end of needle on 4th and every following 6th row 3 times. 13 sts. [COLOR=“Purple”]DONE[/COLOR]

and here’s the question…When it says “Cont even for 2 ins [5 cm] in total, ending with a WS row”, is that 2" total from the start or 2" from when I started the even rows?:??

What does your work measure now?(from begining)

I would think after knitting 18 rows…it would be somewhere close to if not over 2 inches…if that is the case…it means you work even for 2 inches [I]more[/I].

That was my thought when I read it at least…I could be wrong.

It’s 1 1/2" at the end of the increase

ok then just go up to 2 inches…looking at the pattern and pic again…thats what i would do.