Southwest US Oddball Baby Blankets

I’ve got an idea for a girl’s blanket - Pink n Chocolate - Pink, white, and brown.

Robin your blanket idea reminds me of Chocolate covered cherries or strawberries.

for a boy we could do shades of blue. the oddball preemie group did one galled forest green and its ALL shades of green.

Pink, white and brown - I AM SOLD! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I like the shades of blue idea, too.

How are these ideas for our FIRST blankets? We can have them both going at once.

Mamapaulsel has just completed a blanket and has an empty set of needles. She will be starting our first blanket. Which one would you like to start? I can start the other one.

Thoughts? :shrug:

Sounds good to me. Please put me near the end of the list.

Throw me in wherever I am needed. Since we are small (For the moment atleast) do we only want to have 2 going at a time? If so, I’ll wait and start a new blanket when one is completed?

I am making the assumption we will all take turns starting a blanket. With our size, I think 2 going on at once will be a good start. If we get more people we can add more. No reason to overwhelm ourselves!

Since we are all interested in donating to different places, how about the person that starts the blanket can pick the place it is donated to? Whether it’s close to home or another organization. Then everyone will be able to donate to a charity they are interested in.

HAIN’s website is still down (they are moving it to a new host/server). So if anyone doesn’t have or know of a local place to donate, they might chose a hospital that is on the list in their state or near their home. It might be a good place to start if you’re unsure.

Let me know what you ladies think. I just throw my two cents in. Besides it’s free :slight_smile:


PS. Let me know if I can be of any help. I have a set of needles I can use/donate if we need another set! I can also crochet borders on, so feel free to put me last if you need that done!

lol i was beginning to think I was the only crochet in this group.

Hi Everyone!
I have needles to start a blanket and would love to start the Pink, White, Brown blanket. I also love the idea of a shades of blue for a boy. I’m thinking “Ocean Waves”, any other thoughts?

I’m looking forward to being a part of the Southwest Region of knitters.

Ocean waves is a good name for the shades of blue blanket. I keep thinking the pink, brown and white should be called strawberry sundae.

Strawberry Sundae~ I :heart: it!!! If we get really ambitious we could do a Christmas one in red and white and call it Peppermint Twist. My head is swimming with ideas :teehee:

Okay, here’s what I think:

Secksiebrat suggested the person starting the blanket where it will be donated. I think that is perfect - that way we can all donate to a place of our choice or in our region. :thumbsup:

Mamapaulsel will start the first blanket - pink, brown, white. Be thinking of where you would like for it to go!
Volunteers for this blanket?

Secksiebrat - can you please start the second blanket in blues? And volunteers for this blanket?

Once I get volunteers for each blanket, I can put us all in an order and then update the blog. We need 6 knitters for each blanket.

I will fill in where necessary. I’ve been dealing with my sick doggie - he has had 2 surgeries in the past 4 days. :pout: Until he gets better my knitting will be a little scarce. So thank you, wonderful, wonderful knitters, for volunteering to start blankets! :muah::muah::muah::muah:

Can you put me down for both blanket but near the end please. I’ve got a few projects going on that need finished off before I get in over my head.

I found 2 Shriner’s Hospitals in our region. The orthopecdics hospital is in Houston, Texas and the burn hospital is in Galveston, Texas. This is just an idea

I’m ready and willing to work on the blankets whenever anyone wants to send one my way.

Oh, and my lys is in Celina, Texas (just north of Frisco). My knit group meets on Wednesdays. Now I can’t remember who asked about the location of my lys, but I do remember that you lived in Sanginaw. Is Ft. Worth closer to you? I heard Jenning Street Yarns is nice.

Put me down for both blankets. I’ll be thinking of a place to donate the first blanket and I’ll let you know what I find.

JJ~I hope that you dog feels better soon. If you are like me, my pets are part of our family:hug:

That would be me…and, yes, Saginaw is in the Fort Worth area (I’m stationed at NAS JRB Fort Worth. I’ll have to check out Jennings. I’d like to find a group that gets together to knit. I’m not ready to start in on these blankets yet, but, I might later, when I get a little more consistent (I’m still a newbie). I’ll keep up on the progress, though!

please count me in on both blankets.

I can knit on both blankets!

How’s this for a button?

looks Good :slight_smile: but is hard to read when you make it smaller to fit in your signature.

Yeah – It seems to loose some detail when I shrink it for the signature. Here’s another version with a different font that seems to look a bit better. I’ll mess with it some more when I get a chance.

No problem. I will start on the blue blanket in the next couple of days!

What should we call it? “Little boy blue”? or do we already have a name?