Southern Wisconsin?

I’m going to be spending a week in Beloit, WI and I was wondering two things: 1) Are there any of our members near there that would like to meet up for a cup of coffee and some clicking sticks while we’re at it? 2) Does anyone know of a good yarn store up there? I’m trying to teach someone the concept that not all crocheted items have to be anything like the RHSS that her mother always used. (She has ZERO respect for any of the fiber arts.)


I wish I could but I have to work! Besides, Beloit is a bit of a hike for me. I’m farther north, near Green Bay. Here’s a list of shops I found. Don’t let the Illinois address scare you. Beloit is right on the border. You cross a bridge and you’re in South Beloit, Illinois.

As for your friend, ya gotta understand Wisconsinites. We’re pretty conservative as a whole, and some get pretty set in their ways. We don’t go for the New York fashions. It’s pretty much jeans and tee shirts, maybe pants and a nice blouse. It’s laid back. Once you get her in that yarn shop seeing all the pretty colors and touching the wool, she’ll be hooked. Did I say that, as in crochet? What a pun!

It’s like a whole different culture here than you may be used to. I was at work today. I knew the Packer pre-season game was coming up, but was unsure of the date. I got the hint that it was this Saturday when everybody started showing up at my work wearing Packer NFL clothes. Who needs a TV Guide? Only in Wisconsin!

Hi TRe’sha.I’m nowhere near you, I actually live on the island of Tasmania, Australia but my son Greg teaches at Beloit College, He gets yarn for me plus othe rbits and pieces which I can’t grt here including a “knooking” kit. Have you tried this technique? I know they have a Walmart in Beloit. He probably would have a cuppa with you.let me know and I’ll send his email address. regards rujam