Southern IN/ KY Knitters?

Anybody from around Southern Indiana (Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany, Sellersburg, Charlestown etc) or KY (Louisville, Bullitt County)? I’m in Jeffersonville and I don’t know anyone in this area who knits or crochets. (I’m a better crocheter than knitter LOL)

:knitting: :grphug:

I am a beginner knitter in Bullitt County in Ky. Don’t know any knitters just took a class at a yarn store and everyone I meet is interested but no one I know knits. I also crochet a bit but don’t enjoy it as much learned to do this as a child. Looking for great patterns, places to buy yarn—I love the feel and texture of it. Can’t wait to hear if you might organize something fun possibly.

P.S. Find the yarn stores VERY expensive.

Hi I live in Austin Indiana. I’ve knitted for a couple years and actually taught myself. I also crochet but like knitting better. At the moment I’m teaching my granddaughter and niece to knit. We have a awesome coffee house in Scottsburg if you’d like to meet.

I live in Austin Indiana and have knitted a couple years. I have knitted with a newby that lives in Sellersburg. I wish we could have knitting club but can’t find anyone who is interested