Southern California Knitters

Well with all the hype about the IL knitters, I think it would be fun to get together with some members here that are local with me.

Anyone live in a reasonable distance. I’m in Ventura County.

I’m in L.A. county… city of Torrance. (i’m along the coast between Palos Verdes Peninsula and Redondo Beach)
I belong to a knitting group that meets in Redondo Beach or i’d be glad to meet somewhere in the middle. I think there’s another gal here on the forum from Huntington beach too.?
Let me know… i’m game!

I’m in Lake Forest

Do you by any chance go to Yarn del Sol by the LA Fitness on Alicia and the 5 fwy?

No, never been there.

After I saw your other post I realized you probably don’t buy yarn there. That’s pretty much the only place I do, but it can be expensive as most nicer yarns are.