Southern Cali. South Bay Knitters

[B][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4][COLOR=magenta]:clink: Is there anybody out there?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

Hi, I’m in Long Beach which is not to far from the southbay. I will be working on finishing my first pair of socks today once if finish reading a book I started a couple of days ago. What is your latest porject.

I’m in the South Bay, too. But I’m a total newbie knitter. And not very good.

I have been away from knitting so long I would have to consider myself an ok knitter and am willing to give help if I can.

Im in So Cal…Ventura County…

Lived here my whole life and I’ve never heard of South Bay…??? Where is that?

The South Bay Curve if part of the 405 Freeway that runs south through southern Los Angeles County. It is the postion which crosses the 110 and 710 Freeways just before they come to an end at the coast down here. Vertura County is the first county north of Los Angeles and the quickest part for south bay people to reach is probably Oxnard.:heart:

Hi , I live in lawndale calif… near the beach , south bay :slight_smile: i usually go every other wednesday. it’s open knitting nite … Lots of fun … ladies are Really Nice …
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[B]My goodness! it’s been almost a year since I had last visited![/B]
[B]07/2007… Ohhh and I noticed my post at the top of the forum :chair: . [/B]
[B]It’s been so long… but I have been knitting, just not at the pace of a new knitter wanting to catch up for a lifetime of not knowing how to. I’ve missed this place. It looks like Amy’s site continues to grow in more ways than one. Lots of new knitters and this place looks awesome!:woohoo: [/B]
[B]For those who are wondering exactly where is the South Bay?. Think of a small bit of the California coastline with a big U shape filled with ocean(the bay…)The South bay is from the San Pedro/Palos Verdes Peninsula going up along the coast through Torrance , Redondo, Hermosa, El Segundo,Santa Monica & Malibu beaches. (forgive me if I missed a city or two) If you’ve ever flown out of LAX you’ve gone out over the ocean at least for a few minutes before turning in what ever direction [U]and that would have[/U] [U]been the S.Bay[/U]. There are several lovely yarn shops around(Beachknitting is one of them:thumbsup: ) and we also have a great knitting group that meets up on Weds. and Sun. every week so those of you who are close and looking for a group to knit with, look us up at or on Ravelry:X: .[/B]

Hello California Knitters!

I am spearheading the [B][COLOR=Green]West Coast Oddball Baby Blanket project[/COLOR][/B] over in the Charity forum.

Please take a stroll over there and see if it’s anything you would be interested in joining.

Don’t worry if you’re not into big commitments. This is the project for you!

The way it works is that each knitter knits 4" of a baby blanket, usually 90-100 stitches, using worsted or dk (depending on the blanket) weight, acrylic yarn. You can choose the pattern of your choice, keeping within the three stitch garter edging. Then, when you’re done, you send the blanket to the next knitter, leaving the stitches on the needles. Everything travels together.

Each blanket takes about six knitters. You get two weeks to complete your portion. I’ve found it takes me only one evening…sometimes two.

If you’d like to join us, you can either send me a PM, or you can post a note in [COLOR=SeaGreen]THIS[/COLOR] thread. I’ll watch for it, send you a request for more information, and then we’re set to go.

Come join a worthwhile endeavor. You’ll be blessed beyond your wildest imagination.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi there!

I’m new to knitting and looking for some new knit buddies! I’d love to start a knit group in my area, and am looking for some friends to join! I don’t know anyone that knits and I’m still on my first project, but I’d love to learn more and make new friends!