Southeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


Please add my name if you would like. I do not know how much longer I can afford to participate because of the postage. I have not been able to find a job since the. It is driving me crazy. Glad all is well after the storm.


Postage is a bear, isn’t it?
We all know how you feel. :heart:


Happy Saturday everyone! Is anyone interested in taking over leadership of our group? My new job is taking more out of me than I had anticipated. I just don’t have the time or energy to commit to leading the way I feel I should. I definitely am not leaving the group. Thanks!:hug:


Thanks Holly! :hug:
You’ve been leading us for a LONG time, so you are free to move onto easier days.

If no one else steps up, I might see if the Northeast group wants to absorb us. That would make them the East Coast group.

How many of us are there in the Southeast?


How is Day At The Beach going? I don’t know if I ever received it yet…


About 7 or 8 of us.

Day at the Beach hasn’t made it past the planning :oops: I had cast on but didn’t like the color or pattern I was using and I frogged it. I have Monday off and it will be catching up on movies and knitting day for me!


Okay, since there are just a few of us left, I would like for us all to post a message in Ravelry on the Northeast Oddball Group, asking to join them in making blankets.

If you prefer to not join that group, then you can make blankets on your own for charity.

We have had a good run! We made LOTS of blankets for charity for the past 5 years. cloud9 We can be proud of our work.


By the way, if you have any Southeast Oddball blankets at your house, post here so we can finish them up. Or, offer them to be finished by the Northeast group.
:heart: :hug: :heart: