Southeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


I love the idea!! But the hospital has asked that we not have all yellow blankets or even yellow at the top or bottom of a blanket. It can make sick kids look jaundice when they aren’t.


That would be fabulous! I try to check in there but everything really does happen here.

I was thinking of starting a blanket called [B]Day at the Beach[/B]. What does everyone think?


[B]Day at the Beach[/B] sounds wonderful. Put me down for a section on that one please.


I would like to work on this one if you need me.


Shandeh, I sent [B]kaleidoscope[/B] out to you today. I have delivery confirmation # if needed. Bea


I would love to work on Day at the Beach. :slight_smile:


How about if we make a “Sunshine” blanket orange and white, with yellow stripes in the center?


If you use orange, it should be next to the yellow with white on the ends. Orange can also, under the wrong lighting conditions make a baby look sicker than they are. As can certain shades of blue when it reflects light back onto the baby.


I’ll be casting on for Day at the Beach this weekend! Right now I have 5 knitters, Beepr, Ewalker,Civicsista, SharonP, and myself. Anyone else interested? We just need one more knitter. Thanks :hug:


You can add me if you want. I can do the crochet border too, and start another blanket. :slight_smile:


:woot:Day at the Beach is filled! I’ll post later with the order I’m running out the door now. Thanks everyone!!


Since Fall is coming how about one called [B]Autumn Glory[/B]? I would be willing to start this. Let me know what you think.

Bea :knitting:


The Charlotte, NC Oddball Baby Blanket, named “Kaleidoscope” is almost complete! Now, all I have to do is add a crochet border.

Thank you for knitting two sections, Beepr! :hug:

Kaleidoscope - Charlotte 2 by Shandeh, on Flickr


I just started a new discussion thread, where we can post patterns for making crochet borders for our blankets! :slight_smile:


Hey ladies! I have come down with a kick my booty into next week cold. I have not gotten a stitch of knitting or anything done. I do have the list for Day at the Beach written out, but I’ve been doing a lot of organizing and can’t find were I put it. lol! As soon as I find it I will post it. I still need to cast on for it.
Hope everyone is else is well! I won’t be around much this weekend and part of next week. I’m having a house full of company.


Poor Holly! :pout: I hope you get better SOON! :heart:

I’ve been knitting like a crazy person. Making wraps and shawls to wear when I go to California next weekend. And I started a couple Oddball Pet Snuggles, and I’m knitting a sweater for the Bernat Blog, and test knitting and crocheting a couple things on Ravelry.

I’ve been staying home all day long, most every day, because my piano students have been out of town. I’m trying to lose some weight, so I haven’t been eating a lot. Drinking lots of water, and eating lots of veggies and fruit. I’ve also started drinking the cheap version of Ensure nutrition shakes and taking iron pills, to help me have more energy. And I’ve noticed a difference, so I think it’s working. :thumbsup:

Next Friday, I’ll be flying to California, so I’m mailing a package ahead of time, containing all the clothes and shoes I’ll be wearing. Should be cheaper than paying for luggage to be checked in. I think it’s crazy that they charge for luggage now. :mad:

When my visit there is over, I’ll just throw all the dirty clothes back in the package and mail it back home. :wink: At least I won’t have to worry about losing my luggage! :slight_smile:

My plan is to just have one carry-on, plus my CPAP machine in a separate bag. (they don’t charge for medical stuff like that)

Wish me luck! Crossed Fingers


Here’s the list of knitters I saw on your earlier post for “Day at the Beach”:
Beepr, Ewalker,Civicsista, SharonP, HollyP, Shandeh


The Crayola blanket, for the Charlotte, NC hospital is back at my house now. Thank you, ewalker, for knitting the last part of the blanket! Now, I just have to add a crochet border, and give it to the hospital. :slight_smile:

Crayola - Charlotte - Ready for Border by Shandeh, on Flickr


Hope every got through Irene safe and sound! We lost power for about 22 hours. We were very lucky! Only a couple of tree limbs and a bunch of little branches came down. No damage to the house. I’ve never been so scared as when I had to take my dog out because he was having diarrhea in 50 mph wind gusts. We both survived just fine, I know I was more shaken up than he was!

I finally have the list for our newest blanket. I’m off to update our blog.
[B]Day at the Beach
[/B]HollyP- working on it now


Poor Holly! That sounds very scary!


Hi again everyone! Beepr has gracious offered to start a new blanket for us! It will be called [B]Autumn Glory[/B]. We need 4 knitters and someone on border. Thanks!