Southeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


Nice! You’ve been able to make a lot of scarves! :thumbsup:

I tell ya, when I pulled out that big blanket last night, it brought me to tears. I held the blanket in my lap, and read the journal while looking at the section that each person knit.

So nice to remember our very first Oddball Blanket. It feels so good to finally finish it up. cloud9


Sandy I had no idea!! Lots of love coming your way from me!! We need to get together again. Let’s plan something!!!


Thanks for the love, Brenda. :heart:
It would be wonderful to see you again!


Sandy I am sorry to hear about your situation. From reading your posts, I know you are a strong person. Hang in there. You will be in my prayers.



Thanks Dawn! :heart:
Yes, I [U]am[/U] a strong person most of the time. I’ve had a few days lately where I’m beaten down, crying in my coffee. But, most of the time, I’m pushing on to live my days one at a time. This is my second divorce, so I’ve had to deal with it before. I’m just glad we don’t have any kids together. Our children came from our prior relationships.

Concentrating on getting my knitting projects done has helped some. And I recently purchased a full-size church organ for my home. I had to paint the living room, install new flooring, and hang new drapes to prepare for the organ installment. Now, it’s all done, and I can practice anytime I want. Music helps a lot with my emotional release.


Hi, My name is Bea. I recently moved to Florida from Connecticut. I was active in the Northeast Oddball Group there. There doesn’t seem to be as much going on in the Southeast group. Are you still making blankets? Are they worsted weight or DK? I am interested in knitting for babies.


Hi Bea! :waving:

Welcome to the Southeast! :hug:

Our Southeast Oddball group has dwindled down to just a few members, and our former group leader disappeared. We’ve had some rough times! Anyway, we have made a few blankets with HollyP leading us, and may or may not be making more. Maybe we should leave it up to the group to decide.

:psst: You may or may not know, but I’m the person who started the Oddball Blankets back in 2007.


Yes, I did know that you started the Oddball group. The Northeast group is going gangbusters, you must be proud of them. Hopefully we will get going here in the Southeast again.



I am VERY proud of all the Oddballers! It just amazes me to see how many blankets have been made all over the U.S. and Canada. Astoounding!

If you are interested in working on a blanket right now, let me know. I have two Oddball Baby blankets that some of my local friends started a couple years ago. They could be finished up and given to a hospital in the Southeast.


I would be happy to work on both. You can mail them to me. How do I private message you?


Thanks Bea! :slight_smile:
I already got your PM. I’ll send one of the blankets your way this week. I’m working on one of them myself right now.

I’ll take a photo and post how they both look.


I mailed a blanket to Beepr, so she should be receiving it soon. It was started by some local knitting friends of mine a couple years ago. They gave it to me, after they finished a few sections. I set it aside, because I was already working on so many other projects.

It’s nice to see it on the road to completion now! :slight_smile:

It’s called “Kaleidoscope”. They cast on 113 stitches for this one, so it’s a litte wider than our usual baby blankets. I’m not sure how many sections will need to be knit to make it look right, but we will figure it out. I will be contact for this blanket, since it is intended to be given to a hospital in my area.

Kaleidoscope - Charlotte by Shandeh, on Flickr

They also started a blanket called “Crayola”. I’m still working on a section for that one. If no one else offers, I’ll send it out when it’s ready. Once again, I’ll be the contact for this blanket.

Crayola - Charlotte by Shandeh, on Flickr


I would be happy to work on one or both, espcially Crayola.


Thanks Elaine!
I’ll send “Crayola” your way, as soon as I finish the multi-color section. After you knit your section, you can send it back to me for the crochet border to be added.


I received the blanket. I will start on it soon. We will be away next week, so may not get going on it til we get back on the 19th. Thanks Shandeh.



Thanks Bea! I hope you enjoy working on the blanket! :slight_smile:


These are pictures of my latest creations in knitting.




Ok, Let’s see if this works.


Shandeh, I would love to be part of this group. As an avid crocheter I would love to add borders to the blanket, if there is a need for that while I get my knitting skills up to snuff to be able to knit a section. I’ll send out a PM to you with my contact info in the morning.

Best wishes,