Southeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


Yes the Bahamas was a wonderful relief from the deep freeze we had been in for several weeks, and the one we came back to. Wonderful to be with our entire family for a week, that is what we really enjoyed.


I only work in the morning tomorrow and friday, and my plan is to go buy some yarn for white stripes and get cracking on that. Hopefully will be done by the end of the week. Sorry it has taken me so long.


Tracy, No need to apologize! Things always slow down during the holidays. I also totally understand when life gets in the way of knitting!


Here it is! I can mail tomorrow if the next knitter is ready.

(Hmmmm can’t upload the photo. The file size is 78kb, but when I upload it here, it says its 148kb which is to big.)


Happy New Year to everyone. I have finally finished my section of Think Pink during this snow/ice event. Several days to knit and watch TV!

Please PM me the name and address of the next knitter. I think we discussed enclosing the order with email address with the blanket. This would be so helpful and I think would expedite the transfer. How does everyone else feel about this?

Stay safe.


Sounds good, but be SURE to let the region leader know the blanket has been sent to the next knitter. The leader keeps a spreadsheet of all blankets. If the leader doesn’t know that blanket has changed hands, it could potentially be lost.

One of our groups lost several blankets this way, because some knitters forgot about their commitment, and the blankets were hidden behind other stuff in their homes. The group leader did not know who had the blanket last, because the members were not letting her know about the transfer. They were impossible to find.


I agree about including a list of knitters on the blanket.We have discussed it in the past and as a group decided just names not addresses. For the very reasons Sandy mentioned. I will be more than happy to send the list to the first knitter, if that is what everyone wants. Occasionally the order does change for various reasons.
I try very hard to keep the blog( link in my signature) up to date. For the most part it is updated weekly. If you are ever wondering about your spot, where it is, or who’s working on a blanket you can message me or check the blog. I receive Pm’s through my email, which I check several times a day.


Hey again everyone! I was just looking through my notes and realized I haven’t updated everything in a while.cough before cough Christmas cough cough :slight_smile:
I’m going to post the blankets and the status. If anyone sees anything wrong PLEASE let me know. Thanks so much!!!
[B]Neapolitan[/B]- [COLOR=Navy]Biztec[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]working on border[/COLOR]
[B]Think Pink[/B]- [COLOR=Navy]Ewalker [/COLOR][COLOR=Orange]awaiting delivery[/COLOR]
[B]White Stripes[/B]- [COLOR=Navy]Debbie[/COLOR] [COLOR=Orange]awaiting delivery[/COLOR]
[B]Jiggly Jello[/B]- [COLOR=Navy]Dawn1838[/COLOR] [COLOR=Purple]working on it now [/COLOR]
[B]Candy Cane[/B]- [COLOR=Navy]HollyP [/COLOR][COLOR=Orange]awaiting delivery[/COLOR]
[B]Remar-cable[/B]- [COLOR=Navy]LBeck[/COLOR] [COLOR=Purple]working on it now[/COLOR]


I just want everyone to know that I have not lost the blanket. I hope to finish it this week and in the mail by Monday at the latest. I apologize for the delay. With all our crazy weather, things have been too caotic to get any quality knitting time.


Hey ladies1 hope everyone’s well1 I just wanted to let everyone know that Holly is having computer issues. She will respond to any PMs as soon as possible. Candy Cane arrived at her house yesterday and it looks gorgeous! Take care!



After a couple of hours on the phone I got my computer fixed!:woot: It is crazy to me how much of my life was put on hold when I couldn’t use my computer.
I am almost done with Candy Cane. It really looks great! I did a white section and then decided it should end with a red section so I can do a white border. Believe it or not I don’t have a single scrap of red in my stash. Hopefully I’ll be able to swing by Micheal’s in the next day or so.

We need to start thinking about what blankets to do next. We should have several sets of needle opening up in the next couple of weeks. Any ideas?


Jello Jiggler went out in the mail today. I have the confirmation number if needed. I must say, it is looking very cheerful. I love all the bright colors.


Pictures, please…guess that may be applicable to the next knitter.


If you have not clicked on “Southeast Baby Odball Blog” at the bottom of HollyP’s posts, you are missing a real treat ! Thanks Holly for the great pictures and captions! We are so cool … we make cool blankets … or warm blankets ??


Blanket ideas …
In honor of our Northern friends … “Ice, Ice, Baby”.
I enjoyed working on Remar-cable (everyone doing the same stitch) and learning a new stitch.
“Sunset” or “Dawn” would have pretty colors !
“Bunny Hop” for spring …
Some “Disney” colors -
Micky, Minnie, Pooh, Goofy, Princess ???
I will start a new blanket if there are needles available, or, I can do a border and then use the needles to start a new one!


Thanks Debbie! I agree we do make “cool” warm blankets:teehee:. I have myself on the border for Jiggly Jello which is on it’s way to the last knitter. I’ll put you down instead. Pick a blanket you want to start and let us know. I love your ideas. Although Ice Ice baby would not only apply to our friends up North it applies here. It has been below freezing every night for a couple of weeks. Not typical VA weather! Oh that’s right your from Florida everyone is up north for you!:teehee:

Speaking of Remar-cable we need a pinch knitter. Any takers? It wouldn’t be right away I just noticed we still have an opening.


I love the idea of a disney blanket.
Blue skies
Very Berry


I love all the new ideas!!
Here is a list I’ve been keeping of the ideas we’ve had for the blankets. I’ve added the newest ideas. Sorry they aren’t in any kind of order. Maybe someday I’ll take the time to sort them!

ETA: I also just linked this to the blog so we can all find it easily. It’s in the helpful links.


I just sent your package out today. Postman says it should be there by Friday or Saturday… If we need confirmation I have it. Thanks again.:aww:


Holly, Neapolitan is finished and I just received Jiggly Jello. I will send them both out at the same time. Sorry it took me so long!!