Southeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


Jiggly Jello is on its way.

Confirmation # 03101230000232006443


[QUOTE=melmac51;1306667]Jiggly Jello is on its way.

Confirmation # 03101230000232006443[/QUOTE

Jiggly Jello arrived today. Is it just a bright color or ones own choice. I lookied back to when it was started and I found no order of colors or anything like that.


Just Jello flavor colors. Nothing was set with this one!


Ok, it did not go out today as planned because I left the next knitters little surprise at home. Hopefully tomorrow.


Holly, jello jigglers will be ready to go out Monday pm. I will mail it and Neopolitan Ice Cream at the same time. Last week I had too many students with too many questions after school and was sick for 2 days so everything is behind at my house. I will put forth a great effort to make it to the post office soon after the blankets are completed. Hope I have not held anyone up too much.



Holly, Jiggly Jello is almost ready. Need address of next knitter. I can have it ready to go out Mon. pm. Neopolitan Ice Cream will go out at that time too.


Hi Elaine, I just sent a PM to the next knitter. Can you take pictures? We haven’t seen this one yet. Thanks!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


I have taken pics and will get them on the site as soon as I can.
By the way, I got a pm from you but there was nothing there. Hope it was not important.


That’s weird. Did you get the PM about Beth’s address?


No I did not get a name or address for Beth.


I got Beth’ info and I mailed jiggly jello to her this afternoon, I have confirmation number if needed. It should be there before the end of the week.

Burma, I sent Neopolitan Ice Cream out to you and it shoud be there after mid week. I have the confirmation number if it is needed. Happy knitting to both of you!



I’m so sorry I dropped the ball on contacting the hospital about donating after leaving a few messages. Then life got a little hairy with both my Mom and I getting the flu. :ick:
In the midst of getting over the flu I asked Sharon to take over the calling. She finally got in touch last night with someone. We will be going down on Tuesday to donate!:woot:


Yay! Try to take some pictures!!


Will do!


Go Southeast! :muah:


I received Jiggly Jello yesterday afternoon.

Also received the news that we will be moving to NJ for the next year as my husband’s contract in Manhattan was extended. So this will be my last blanket with this group. It has been lots of fun, thanks! If we end up moving back to the SE I will be back!


Sorry you are going but go with Godspeed.


:hug:Beth! We’ll miss you!!! The NE oddballers are very lucky to get you. Thanks for all you did!


Hi, I received Think Pink on Sat. Karen, thank you for the tea. It will be used during these cold days and nights.



Just checking to make sure Neopolitan Icecream arrived :hug: