South San Francisco bay area knitters?

ok, I’ll bite.

I live and work in Sunnyvale. anyone around here?

Purlescence just opened here in Sunnyvale. check it out if you haven’t already.

*edit: not affiliated with the store, just excited and happy that I have a decent one so close by now.

I’m in Sunnyvale… I’m brand new at this knitting. Is the store in Sunnyvale any good?

ooooh! hi Rachel! :waving: yay, there is someone is here by meeeeee! :hug: :heart:

I like Purlescence.

other stores near here to check out are:

Uncommon Threads in Los Altos
Full Thread Ahead in Los Altos
knitting arts in Saratoga
yarndogs in Los Gatos
Rug and Yarn Hut in Campbell
commuknity in San Jose

I live in SSF - don’t know why my profile says “junior member” - I must have messed up when I registered! I’m definitely NOT junior - turned 50 this year -

I usually get my yarn at JoAnn’s or Michael’s - I’m a beginning knitter, and most of the stuff I make needs to be machine wash & dry (hats, prayer shawls, etc.). There is a nice yarn store here in SSF - Cottage Yarns - but the really nice stuff is $$$, and I don’t have a lot to spend.

Am also into doing a little felting - have made a few bowls, slippers, and (believe it or not) pirate hats! Yup - pirate hats. I’m also working with felted wool sweaters - cutting them up to make tote bags, etc.


:waving: hi Roberta! :waving: I think the word “Junior” refers to the amount of posts you have in these forums. your felted sweaters made into bags sound pretty cool! I’d :heart: to see pics! I’ve heard of Cottage Yarns, I think they go to Stitches West.

:blooby:My son moved to SF a year ago… I went for a visit and hit all the yarn stores I found by googling :woohoo: it was so much fun!! I went to Noi Knits…Greenwich I think… and a couple more.

It is a fun place!! Loved Ikea in Oakland and we are getting one here soon!!!:yay::yay::yay::eyes::eyes:

hi Doodknitwit! I have yet to visit the stores in the city. one of these weekends I’ll make a trip up there. :heart:

Thread seems a little inactive now but I am in Milpitas :waving:

Just discovered the purlescense store in Sunnyvale… it is right near my favorite restaurant, Great Vegi Land. :drool: