Source of special yarn

Does anybody know where I can buy worsted weight, preferably machine washable glow-in-the-dark yarn? I saw some DK weight, but I’d prefer worsted if possible. Thanks!

Is this close enough?

It’s actually been discontinued, but it’s still available here and there I think.

I bought some a few years ago, and while it does certainly glow, it’s terrible to feel. It feels like nylon strapping tape/string. It’s not the Dale, though. Dale Falk feels lovely, but it is a dk.

Did you ever make anything with it, Ingrid? Maybe a stuffed animal is about all you can make with something that feels icky. Maybe a stuffed animal with big huge eyes. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a glowing big eyed creature? :shifty: :roflhard:

The DK yarn that I saw was 100% nylon (it’s called “Nightlights”)–this might be the yarn you were thinking of, Ingrid (I would imagine that would be pretty scratchy). I could double-strand this to make worsted, but honestly, it’s $10 a ball, and I’d need 2 balls. For what I’m using it for, the $20 is expensive–I’d rather spend $20 on yummy yarn, you know? Maybe I could use 1 strand of the Nightlights yarn doubled with another fiber…I wonder if it would still be pretty fluorescent/glow-in-the dark? Even if it’s scratchy, it might not be [I][U]too[/U][/I] scratchy if incorporated with another fiber. It won’t be worn right next to the skin so it might be okay.

I saw that Bernat now has a glow-in-the-dark yarn (70% acrylic/30% polyester), but the “life” of the glow I read was only like 15 minutes; I read the Nightlights glows up to 4 hours, which would be better. I wonder if the Bernat glows as brightly as the Nightlights? Also the Bernat is only 72 yards; I don’t know what they are charging per skein, but I’d need 3 skeins, so this may run me the same cost as the Nightlights double-stranded.

Whoa…did you see it on Rav? There’s a picture of it glowing! :shock: In my experience most glow in the dark things don’t last very long anyway. It seems strange though that they used baby colors for the yarn. Is that in case you misplace your baby? :noway: :teehee: I don’t see it anywhere yet. It must be really new.

What are you making that you want to glow?

In the middle of this page there are some glowing yarns, but I don’t know much about them.

This would be fun to use to make a glow worm. Does any one else remember the glow worm toy? I was planning to knit some toy snakes and frogs for Christmas gift for my nephews I think I am going to try adding this with another yarn.

This link shows a picture where someone mixed it with another yarn.

I used some of mine in a design in a snake scarf, You couldn’t really tell unless it was actually sitting in the dark. I’m sure that one day inspiration will strike.:think:

I bought some of the Nightlights on ebay a few yrs ago. it is very scratachy. I ended up making mittens, but alternating stripes with a very soft acrylic (I forget which). In the daytime they are just white mittens, but at night the stripes glow. Still not particularly comfy, but a little fun for the effect. You do have to hold them up to a bright lightbulb for a few minutes and the glow doesn’t last all that long. Even after the brightness of the glow wears down, you can still tell they are glowing.

Why didn’t I think to check Ravelry for this type of yarn?:doh: Thanks, Jan! The person listing it says it is quite soft, and it glows pretty intensely, which is good to know (I couldn’t find an example of it anywhere when I looked). I don’t know why Bernat stranded the glow-in-the-dark yarn with only pastels; I’d probably wind up using the white.

Don’t anybody laugh–but I was hoping to knit myself a hat using some glow-in-the-dark yarn because I’ve been walking, and sometimes, I don’t get to go out until it starts getting darker…I just wanted to be on the safe side. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on yarn to make this hat because I would literally only be wearing this hat in the dark outside–it’s purely “utilitarian” and doesn’t have to be especially pretty or fancy.

Thanks for the input on Nightlights, too Mirl56!

And yes, tgwillis, I remember “glow worms”–my son had one as a baby, and he loved it! (am I showing my age???:oo: )

Laugh? It’s a great idea! Maybe you could put a big stripe in a hat and only need one skein. I’m glad you told us 'cause I was getting ready to ask about your plans. My mind was going all kinds of places and none of them close to your head!

My Michaels has the Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn. The patterns they show are all kid patterns. I think it’s more for seeing kids in the dark, like when they run out into the street or parking lot! I was thinking about making my kids mittens and hats this year and using it as a stripe in them!


I was thinking a stripe or two on a hat would be a good way to use it, too. That way if it is scratchy the scratchy part is over you hair.

I always check Rav before I check anywhere else. :thumbsup:

This thread is very timely for me as I just started looking for glow-in-the-dark yarn yesterday and ran across it on the Bernat website. My 16-year-old niece has requested that I knit her a black hat with white glow-in-the-dark skull and crossbones on it. Since I need to make new hats for my grandbabies, I thought I’d make them hats in their favorite colors and stitch stars or some such on them in the glow-in-the-dark white as well. That is, IF I can find the glow-in-the-dark yarn!! Called three chain stores in town today and none of them have it in stock!

That’s a neat idea, cookworm. Stay safe and you will have to show us your glow in the dark hat.:slight_smile: