Sound on videos

Just want to check if it’s a problem with my computer. Do all or most of the videos have sound?

For example, on the cast-on page, only the Long-Tail Cast-On, Invisible (Provisional) Cast-On, and Alternate Cable Cast-On have sound. The other 5 videos on that page have no sound. Is that what it’s supposed to be, or do I have a problem? There are videos on other pages too that have no sound (such as Three-Needle Bind-Off) but I haven’t checked ALL of them.

Some of the videos don’t have sound.

Okay, thanks! Just wanted to be sure.

A lot of our earlier videos didn’t have sound. These are mainly the shorter and simple videos where narration wasn’t necessary and it was a download savings to nix the soundtracks. It’s on our todo list (along with plenty other things!) to re-record some of the earlier lower quality videos and we’ll most likely add sound to them.



Thanks for letting me know. I still get / got the help I needed with the videos without sound so it’s all good!