okay, hi everyone… i’m kinda new to the knitting world… i need to make some one a hat and finger less gloves… She’s this girl in my classes and shes kinda lonely this holiday season… you can tell she has a hard life at home… so i’m gonna knit some stuff for her… only problem…(s)

  1. i only have size 15 (10 mm) needles
  2. i’m a beginner
  3. i don’t know how to cast…


-bedettev (that’s my actual username)
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Hi there:

Welcome. I think you have a few issues here.

  1. You’re a beginner, and gloves are not a super easy beginner project.

  2. You only have 10mm needles. Those are big needles using very thick yarn–not the easiest to start with.

So this is what I suggest. Make her a scarf. That’s a great and easy first project. If your scarf turns out good, then you can make a hat to go with it. Pick out a free easy beginner scarf pattern and get the right size needles and yarn to make it. Here’s one. This pattern calls for 5.5mm needles and appropriate yarn for that size.

Before you start the scarf, get some extra yarn and practice A) casting-on and B) knit and purl stitches. Look on youtube for a video on 2-needle casting on or “knitting on” casting on. It’s easy to learn by yourself. Then watch a couple of videos on the knit and purl stitch. Practice for a couple of hours before you start your scarf.

I hope this helps.

Welcome to KH!
Here’s a pattern from Ravelry for mitts or wrist warmers on size 15 needles. If you haven’t joined Ravelry, it’s free and a wonderful source for patterns.
You may have to see what gauge (number of stitches/inch) you get with your yarn so that the mitts aren’t too big or too small but the number of cast on stitches can easily be changed since the mitts are basically a folded rectangle.

Check out the videos at the top of the page here at KnittingHelp under Free Videos for the knit cast on that seawitch recommended, an excellent choice.