SOS! Pattern help please

Hello everyone,
I’m an extremely frustrated knitter here! I am working on this pattern but the stitch count never comes out right:
Bernstein baby yarn (super fine 1)
252 stitches total
1sr row:knit
2nd row: k6 *(k1 p1 k1) in next st. sl1 k2 tog paso.Rep from * to last 6 stitches. K6
3rd row:knit
4th row:k6 *sl1 k2 tog psso (k1 p1 k1) in next st. Rep from * to last 6 stitches.k6

So here’s my problem: I know for a fact that I start out with 252 stitches on my knit rows(I count very carefully and then go over even a 2nd time just to make sure) but the stitch count never stays at 252! On the 2nd row at the end I come up 1stitch short, and on the 4th row I come up 2 stitches short! I pay attention to these two rows/not watching TV or anything so I’m not missing anything. I don’t know if there is a mistake in the pattern or I’m doing something wrong!

Bernat, not Bernstein!
Paso meant to be psso
(Darn autocorrect!) :grimacing:

You must be loosing stitches in this repeat section:

—*(k1 p1 k1) in next st. sl1 k2 tog paso—

If you’re only loosing 1 stitch per row, then my best guess would be that you’re doing an extra repeat at the end of the row, instead of knitting the last 6 stitches straight. That would account for the steady 1 stitch decrease per row.

Hope this helps.


You should be able to check lizzie23’s suggestion by looking at your border sts.
It may also help to place markers between repeats. These can be as simple as small loops of yarn. It’s a 4stitch repeat but you could place markers every 8sts to make it easier. That’ll make it simpler to keep on track with the stitch count and to spot where any mistake is.