SOS on this pattern instruction

Here is the part I need help with:

[COLOR=“Purple”]3. Spread these 16 stitches out evenly over 4 DPNs [trust me, you’re knitting 8 wedges, 4 DPNs makes things much easier than 3]
4. Join for circular knitting. Knit one row even (16 stitches)
5. k1, RLI, PM (Place Marker), RLI, k1 Repeat from * around on each DPN. You should have 4 markers placed in the center of each DPN, and 24 stitches creating 8 wedges (2 per DPN) with 3 stitches each.[/COLOR]I got the 16 stitches, no problem. I can’t come up with the right amount of stitches and markers after that. I end up with on one dpn: two stitches, a marker, four stitches, a marker, two stitches. Where am I going wrong?

Does the pattern tell you what RLI means? I have never seen that abbreviation before, and I had no luck with Google. :??

The instructions say RLI is Right Lifted Increase.

Hmmm…this is confusing to me too, because aside from the marker placement, I’m not sure how you would do two lifted increases in a row in between the two knit 1s.

And reading through the pattern, it seems like what you ended up with would be right.

Is this from a book? If so, have you checked for errata?

Just working it out in my head, I would come up with the same thing you did. Not sure what’s happening there.

OK, good to know I’m not crazy! This is not from a book, just somone’s knitting blog, and there are no corrections noted. I’ve bagged line#5 and am just doing k1, RLI, K1 PM. It will give me the correct number of stitches I need to move on.
Thanx all for your input!!!

Nope, not crazy at all. Unless all three of us are…:think:

Anyway, if you are on Ravelry, you might look for the pattern there, as well, and see if others have made it. Sometimes people make notes about issues they run into with patterns and how they fix them. Sounds like you came up with a good fix, though. :thumbsup: