SOS need super easy tank pattern

I have been knitting around and around on my chickami…very close to completion. I tried it on…it is huge. so, I either eat everything the house for a couple of weeks…or knit the smaller size or find a new quick tank pattern.

anyone else have problems with chickami size. My guage is correct–and right size.

I don’t have the heart to frog at this moment…with inspiration…am going to give it another go and have a tank by Christmas.


Have you measured your gauge since you started knitting or did you just measure the swatch? You could have measured wrong in the first place or possibly (and likely) your gauge changed. I am making a sweater and that happened to me so I had to frog and start over a lot smaller!

Sometimes when you first start knitting your gauge is tighter, but as you loosen up it gets looser. I’ve heard a few times that you should should knit on something else for awhile then make the swatch so you are ‘warmed up’.

I don’t think you need an easier cami, that one looks super easy and it’s cute.

Agree with what Jan said. Measure the gauge on the finished piece and see if it matches the swatch. Then start over with the next smaller size.

I went back and measured and it was dead on. I probally missed a couple of decreases…I think I will go with one size smaller size. I am petite, and things tend to be a bit baggy. So, I am thinking sloppy knitting, stretchy yarn, and being over generous with size as added up to a very big sweater.

My yarn is very stretchy…pima silk. I love it though!

thanks guys, I am going to start over tonight…one stitch at a time. :thumbsup:


Oh yes, silk does stretch easily I’ve heard, so either knit a smaller size or go down in needle size.