SOS! I cannot figure out what is...

…going on here with this stitch situation.
Any thoughts/advice will be so appreciated!


It looks like you’ve laddered down 3 sts. Are the circled strands two ends or a loop of yarn?

I laddered down intentionally thinking I would solve the problem of the one continuous piece of yarn that forms a loop. So yes it’s the mysterious yarn loop that is driving me crazy and inspired me to reach out for help. If you’d like, I can zoom in to show you the stitches on either side of where I laddered down. (I’m sorry I wasn’t more specific about my issue in my first post!)

The loop happens when you put down your knitting mid row and then pick it up and start knitting in the wrong direction. It’s easy to do and the only way I know to correct it is to rip out to the loop and re-knit.

When you pick up your knitting mid row, always look for the last stitch that was worked, the one that has the yarn strand coming off it. That needle belongs in your right hand so that you can continue left hand needle to right hand.

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Mystery solved! A thousand thank you’s to you! Time to rip it all out. Sigh…:weary:

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