Sorta OT: My Socks Are Warm

As I knew I’d be working out in the snow today I decided to try out the socks I’d knitted with worsted weight yarn. I’d worn them inside in lieu of slippers, after all they are technically house socks, but thought they might be good for keeping my feet warm out in the snow.

I have to say that they worked great. I put them on over top of a pair of cotton socks, and then put on my boots. My feet stayed nice and warm all day long.

I am definitely going to knit some more worsted weight socks before next winter comes around.


Aren’t wool socks the best? My kids and I love to be outdoors in the snow and wool socks are just the thing for long term sledding, snow shoveling, ice skating and the like.

We’re even feeling a bit cheated this winter at the lack of snow in our area. Usually my wool socks are worn thin by now :teehee:

If you do lots of outdoor stuff in the cold you should check out woolen undies:
[color=blue]Nordic Natural Woolens[/color]

If you think wool keeps your tootsies cozy, you’ll love woolies! A bit pricey but worth their weight in gold!

Susan (who knows how chilly it can get on a Florida night in January :teehee: )

I really do like wool socks in the cold. To be honest these are actually acrylic, not wool. But still quite warm. My next worsted weight ones will be wool or wool blend.

Mason, you might want to try some felted slipper socks for indoors, they are really warm. :thumbsup:

Sounds cool ^_^. Wait, they aren’t supposed to be cool, though, right? Sounds… warm? :teehee:

[color=indigo]We’ve had a cold (for us) snap and I’ve gotten to wear all my wool socks, too. They are so nice and warm! :muah: However, they are cool, too. When it warms up some my feet don’t overheat as they normally would if I was wearing store bought socks. Wool’s funny that way! :cheering: [/color][/b]