Sorta OT: knitting photo galleries on blog sidebar (?)

Please help if you can!

I just created my very first blog using I noticed that many of you have photo galleries of your knitting FOs. I’d like to do this, too! Since I’ve looked at some of the following references for how to post photos in the sidebar: Blogger Help Group at Google Groups, Blogger for Dummies, and Blogger Tips and Tricks. I also checked out two books from the library: Publishing a Blog with Blogger by Elizabeth Castro and Blogging in a Snap by Julie C. Meloni. However, all of these resources seem to only focus on how to add a photo to a post. That’s not what I want. I want a photo gallery in my sidebar. I have Picasa and Hello/BloggerBot, but didn’t see anything that would let me do anything other than post pictures directly onto my blog. What if I were to use Flickr or Photobucket? Are either of these hosts fairly easy to work with when creating photo galleries in your sidebar, or do you have to be an HTML code expert? 'Cuz I’m not… :crying:

You don’t want to post photos in your blog? You want to link to them instead? I put them in my Smugmug gallery, but then post them in my blog as well. :thinking:

I use Flicker and it’s really easy. You can make a “batch” and copy the code into your blog. Look at the sidebar of my blog to see one.

Cool! :happydance: If Flickr can do it for me, that’s good news. I read the HTML code on your blog’s sidebar. Knowing that I can just copy and paste the code from a batch of pictures on FLickr, now I’m definitely going to go that route. I was SO WORRIED that I’d have to go back to the library and check out books on HTML code. Not now! :cheering:

Thanks a bunch! :thumbsup:

Update: I now have two picture galleries on my blog sidebar! :cheering: Please visit my blog if interested. :waving:

Like javede said, Flickr makes it really easy to do photo galleries!
Thanks javede! :heart:

:thumbsup: Great job on the blog! I am frogging my Green Gable after reading the KAL :rofling: I made a large cause I don’t like shirts to tight under the arms but its so big and blocks me in that now I"m frogging it and trying their decreases and the medium… after I finish some other things… I know if I start on it now I’ll never get the others done… gonna try the other CO too…

But where do you put the code? :??

You need to insert the code into the template for your blog. How exactly you do that depends on where your blog is hosted.

If you use Blogger like I do, click on Template and scroll down through the code until you see where the Sidebar Content begins and ends. Determine where in the Sidebar Content you want to insert your gallery, usually somewhere after your Profile and before the Archives. Paste the code there and click preview to make sure it’s where you want it.