Sort of testing

Sorry - sort of testing to see if I can post from my Blackberry. My laptop is out of commission and it will be a while before I can get a new one. Because I’m not able to post or read PMs on Ravelry I wanted to see if I could here.

Well, the post worked…hope this’ll work for you! I bet it’s a little hard to print from your phone though:roflhard:


Looks like it works fine though otherwise! Just curious…can you see pictures on it?

You could go to the library, too. Most libraries have computers for public use.

Too funny! It is very hard and am finding I’m frustrated with the lack of ability to print off patterns.

Thankfully, a computer geek at church was able to get everything (patterns, pictures, etc) off my laptop’s hard drive and onto a portable one. I had been trying for a couple of weeks to back everything up, but the computer would overheat and shut off. Would highly recommend getting a portable hard drive!

Jan - I can see everything in a column view that is readable or page view that is so tiny I would need a magnifying glass. Can’t do the smilies, but that’s okay. Pictures, avatars, signatures, etc.are viewable. Startled me to see mine after I posted last night - too long since I had seen it.

It takes longer to type posts out, but at least I can “talk” to people.

Not able to edit posts, either. Oh well! What’s a little garble among friends?


Darn! I [U]can’t[/U] post on KH from my ‘blackberry’ type phone…the Samsung Saga. I can post and edit over at Ravely, but not here at KH. It’s very annoying when your a moderator especially.

The Samsung Saga uses the OPERA browser. It has a keyboard, as well as touch screen. It also has Windows Mobile Office.

I guess it is just incompatible with KH. Darn and double darn.

Good to know that you can post! Yay! :cheering: