Sort of scrunchable scarf

I didn’t slip the first stitch, but I do like how this turned out - not bad for a $3 remnant ball!!!


It turned out REALLY GOOD!!

He looks cozy! That came out great–and you sure can’t beat the price. :thumbsup:

:cheering: awww Cooper is adorable!! I love your scarf great job :thumbsup:

whoo hooo! and love your model! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Aww, not only is the scarf really pretty, but Cooper is the first dog I’ve seen 'round these parts who actually looks like he wants to be in an FO :smiley:

He was a big ole slugbug from all the Thanksgivng festivities. I could have probably dressed him like a turkey and he would have been ok with it!

Well, compared to the indignity he suffered from the fish oil pills (re your blog), the scarf must seem really tame to him!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: