Sort of overwhelmed

I see so many different yarns, weights, textures, etc. I want to buy them all!
Do ya’ll buy yarn with projects in mind, or find a project to fit the yarn once you’ve bought it, or do you just hoard it? LOL, I’m a good hoarder, as I’m a cross stitcher so I have a HUGE stash.
I’m so new to knitting (for only about 6 months) so I’m not sure which yarns are good for what. It’s still such a mystery to me.
I’ve done socks with sock yarn, and the pullover I’m on now is of a mediumweight, and the scarf was of specialty yarn.
But I’m doing the pullover from the yarn suggested, and the socks was a given on sock yarn, and the scarf was from a kit. So do you ever get to a point where you automaticallly use a yarn that you DESIRE to on the project of your choice, all the while knowing it is the correct thing?
GUIDELINES. that is what I’m looking for. anyone have any tips?

Hiya, Tigger! Welcome to the world of hoarding.

To answer your first questions, I hoard. I buy yarn with a project in mind and I buy yarn because it’s prudy. I also get yarn for my group’s charity project.

Guidelines… first of all, do you understand gauge and why it’s important? Once you have a good understanding of gauge, it opens the door to using any yarn you want for a project. If the pattern says “20 sts over 4 inches” you know that you’ll need a yarn that has a simliar gauge…then swatch until you match that magic number.

If you have the yarn, just reverse that… find a pattern that has about the same gauge, and swatch until you match it.

Another good article on substituting yarn can be found here.

well i confess i buy yarn because i like it and then wait for it to tell me what it wants to be. i do buy yarn with projects in mind but often the yarn tells me NO! in fact i have a ton of yarn that i bought for the fiber trends clogs that is now going to be a rug because…well it saw the pattern too and said “THAT’S WHAT I WANNA BE!!!”

okay so my yarn doesn’t reeeeeeeeally get that excited but i can’t help but feel like when i cast something on that isn’t quite right for me or the needles or the yarn it let’s me know.


as far as what works better for what projects and such…beats me…i figure it all out as i go along…lol

for the most part, I buy yarn with specific projects in mind.

but recently I bought some yarn just because it’s pretty and feels nice. I plan to find a stitch that I think matches with this yarn, and try it out.

if you’ve adjusted the gauge, and the look, feel, and drape of the knitted fabric are to your liking, go ahead and use the yarn that calls out to you or the yarn that’s familiar to you.

for example: I like and have successfully felted Cascade 220, WOTA, and Noro Kureyon, so if I don’t like or can’t find the yarn that a felting pattern calls for, I’ll use those.

good luck and happy hoarding :thumbsup: :heart: !

i couldn’t have said it better myself. :cheering:

This is me all the way… :roflhard:

thanks ya’ll. and foldedbird, thanks for the links.
I had no idea a gauge was so important.
I’m going to read a couple more times until I’ve grasped what I’m reading.
so do you all do a swatch for EVERY project, even say as a scarf, as opposed to garments that are fitted?

:rollseyes: ummmm…

[size=2][color=red]i have never swatched at all…ever… :shifty: [/color][/size]


brenda and julie!!


well i always SUGGEST people swatch…i just have never knitted anything that i really NEEDED to swatch in my mind. i look at a pattern and say…“ummmm…okay i am gonna knit that with THIS yarn and THESE needles and we’ll see what comes of it!”

lol the only time it has ever been a problem was when i felted a hat that i swear felted bigger than it was prefelting. it was VERY strange but it fit my head better BEFORE the felt than afterwards…odd odd odd!

but i don’t knit sweaters either so…

I confess!! I rarely, rarely swatch! I have a general idea of what my gauge is on certain yarns and needles. I did swatch on a shawl I’m making, because I wasn’t sure which yarn would look best and I didn’t want to hate this massive thing.

When I make sweaters, I let the sleeves be my swatch and adjust accordingly. If I’m making knit-on sleeves that have to wait until last, I check after I start. If it looks like it’ll be too tight, I can either increase the needle size or block the h*ll out of it. :shifty: I also have the option of frogging down to any ribbing–a price I’m willing to pay.

I wouldn’t bother to swatch for a scarf or blanket. If you’re new, though, and really don’t have a clue how certain yarns turn out, you might want to play with it–especially for something wearable.

see, that’s another mystery for me, felting!
I feel like I’m drowning in new words and techniques!
but hopefully I’ll perfect it soon.
or smother in yarn trying. :lol:

Felting is knitting something really, really big so you can shrink it. :rollseyes: :rollseyes: Seriously, though, you can make some really cool things with it. Check out the Felted Clogs knit along and the Finished Projects thread for some of the beautiful bags and hats that have been felted.

thanks ingrid, great ideas.

me neither :oops: :shifty: . my “swatches” are all theoretical beginnings of projects. if I like it, it stays. if I don’t like it, it gets frogged. sloppy, eh?

Don’t let all of these knotty, irresponsible knitters fool you. Having a working knowledge of gauge is very important. Swatching isn’t important, as long as you aren’t worried about garments fitting and silly stuff like that.

Ignore Ingrid… she’s been knitting since the Great Depression. Did you hear about the hundreds of socks she made for troops doing WW1??? So, it’s no wonder she rarely needs to swatch!

:roflhard: :roflhard:
I am a non-swatcher, but that’s also because I rarely work from a pattern… I am a the-yarn-speaks-to-me kind of person.
But I’m getting ready to start my first sweater, and I will be swatching that thing… plus, there’s so many neat things you can do with your swatches afterwards… make little patchwork blankets & etc… It just depends on what you’re making, I guess…

…use them to clean your rifle…

:thinking: That is a possibility, although I think the yarns I use are too fuzzy… I know my sister uses cut-up t-shirts to clean hers… :wink: