Sort of OT: Putting in links

When I embed links into my post, they turn out blue rather than the pretty pink that everyone else’s links are. Am I doing something wrong? TIA

Mine are blue.

okay well you two have me curious now…hrmmmm

How do I embed a link? In any color!


yeah that looks blue when i post it but Ingrids looks purple (or whatever color that is) so it seems that your own links are blue but everybody else sees it as that pinky purple color.

okay this process sounds a lot more tedious than it is but here’s what i do.

  1. Copy and paste the link i want to embed.
  2. Type my text
  3. Highlight the word that i want to embed the link in
  4. Click on the URL button up there.
  5. in the first [ url ] bracket before the i put my cursor right after the letter “L” and type in an “=” and then paste my URL.

and that’s it. of course finish whatever text you are typing and all that but that’s all there is to it. of course there would be no spaces or " " marks in what i actually do.

Click on the url tab above and you’ll get

[type in your link word here and then click the url tab again to get this](click inside the right hand bracket, type an = sign and copy your link, no spaces.)

[x[/color]]link to here]([color=red)

Leave out the red x and you’ll get this. link to here

Candace: Select the text you want to be the link, then press the underlined URL button above your post. It should look like this: Link text. Then add an equals sign to the first tag and paste your URL, like this: Link text.

Brendajos: I find that links I haven’t visited are purple, and links I have visited are blue. Doesn’t matter who’s posting them. My links are always blue because they’re always sites I’ve visited recently.

this is how it is for me as well.

ok, I’m gona try. Knittinghelp

I did it! I did it!

I used Ingrids instructions! Thanks Ingy!

Ah-ha! That explains it!!! :slight_smile: TY very much.

Here is what a link looks like:

[My blog](

My Blog

How I do it is type in the words you want to link. Then click URL. Then delete the first ] and hit the =. Paste the url link then add a ]. Voila!