Sort of OT: Need ideas for SuperBowl Party

I work in a yarn store in the Midwest. ( no professional teams) We’re planning a pre-game SuperBowl party and I’m looking for ideas. Would you prefer a game themed party or a “chicks flicks” type of thing?
I’d love any input- the boss is expecting me to come up with something good :wink:


Ok, here’s what you can do. Get all of your best baking friends to come over. Find a cake form that is pretty much the shape of a football. Make any kind of cake you want, but get a whole bunch of green and gold frosting … paint a great big green “G” on the cake … cause the Packers are gonna go all the way! Woot!

Sorry! Just had to do it!

Fixed that for ya!:wink:

I’m going with anybody but Green Bay - the Giants, Pats, and Chargers all have members that are alumni from my university alma mater.:wink:

Ok, first off I’m a Jersey girl by birth, so it’s GIANTS all the way! But seriously, I need ideas!

Personally, I’d prefer the chick flicks thing, but since it is a Super Bowl pre-game party, you’ll stir up much more interest if it’s game themed.

Will there be a tv for watching the game?

Can you have some sort of quick knit project that could be done in game colors (even a football, or game colored hat,…I don’t know, I’m not that sports minded. :))

What about door prizes to be given out at every touchdown?

I’m sure others will come up with good ideas, but just be sure you keep the hot wings separate from the yarn!!!

OK, here’s my question…one of the local jewelers here in town always does a “SuperBowl widow” sale on SuperBowl Sunday - with the idea of while the guys are watching the game, the women will do some jewelry shopping, chatting, etc. Is this what you’re going for? Who is the party for, and what are you doing during the party? Are you shooting for women who aren’t that interested in the SuperBowl, are you running yarn specials, or is it geared toward the SuperBowl itself (like with a TV for watching the game, munchies, etc.)?
I’d say it depends on the motivation of the party as to which aspect to go for.
But, IMHO, if the people are “into” the SuperBowl, they’ll either be at home watching the game, having their own party, or attending friends’ SuperBowl parties. If they’re not, then the “chick flick” would probably be most to their liking - especially if they are going to be able to sit around and chat and knit.


Go Pack!