Sort of OT: Basic knitting classes (Beware! Long post!)

Hi guys,

I know this might seem like a crazy idea, given that I always post here mostly for help with what probably seem to y’all as being pretty basic questins. However, I am thinking of teaching a few basic knitting classes. Let me run some of this by you and see what y’all think, ok?

First, there is a pretty substantial need for basic knitting classes in my area. I live in a fairly small, uncultured town in N. Louisiana. We don’t even have a decent yarn store, and the hobby stores don’t even carry sock yarn! One hobby store offers knitting classes very seldomly. A friend of mine spent $20 for a 2hr class in which she didn’t even learn to hold the yarn correctly (any of the ways), the difference between continental and english knitting, what gauge is, or how to tell the difference between knit stitches and purl stitches on the needles. She was very disappointed when she came away from it.

Secondly, I have been knitting for about a year and a half. I haven’t made a sweater yet - after the armwarmers though I’m starting a tank first, then a sweater - but I have made socks, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, ponchos, etc, and can do most patterns except for the very very advanced ones - and I suspect that soon I’ll be able to deal with anything once I do a few sweaters.

I am in grad school, and money is tight and also I don’t seem to be able to make time to knit except during quarter breaks. I am currently teaching my friend (who was so disappointed in the hobby store knitting class) and she is really happy with what she is learning and I will soon be able to “set her free” as a basic knitter and start helping her with intermediate projects.

Okay, that does it for the background info. What I was thinking about doing was holding drop-in basic knitting classes for around 8-10 bucks per 2 hour class one night a week. I can find a venue fairly easily, and I could teach just about everything I know how to do. (Haven’t made the “syllabus” yet). This would accomplish a couple of objectives: 1. All the people I have heard say “Oh, I want to learn to knit” could now have a reasonable option to come once a week and learn. 2. I can make time for knitting while helping other people out with their projects or just learning to knit AND earn a few bucks to keep me in yarn. Sure, I might not get a lot done on my own projects, per se, but knitting is a process I enjoy, so who cares if I’m just helping people with their stuff or knitting example swatches to illustrate things for them?

Have any of you ever done anything like this? Do y’all think I’m totally crazy? Incidentally, I have teaching experience and plan to teach for a living. Any and all opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated.


I decided, rather impusively to start an online knitting business. Why? Because I just believe that I should be able to make money doing something I love. And YOU CAN TOO!

Go for it. By the way, I used to go to school in Ruston. If you advertised, you may find some people over there that would like to take classes. People in Ruston don’t mind driving to Monroe.


I’ve been wanting to do the same thing. I’m trying for a new job, so I’m hoping that if I get it, I could start teaching knitting classes. I hope I hope I hope!

Go for it!! :cheering: :cheering:

I admire your willingness to do this.

I live in small village in Italy and although I can buy beautiful yarns in nearby city,
there isn’t basic knitting class like you are planning.

One shop offers knitting course, but their conditions are like this:

  1. max. 8 persons
  2. 8 weeks course and paid in advance
  3. must purchase the book they offer (20 euro)
  4. class is held every tuesday from 5pm to 7 pm
  5. must purchase yarns from them
  6. everyone must work on same project

Since I’m a complete beginner, I was really tempted to attend.
But my job requires me to work some evenings and I gave up.

If you can offer some flexible hours for the class,
that would be really great I think.
Anyway, Best Wishes !



yes you can do it!!!

you can check out my website under “classes” to see what I am TRYING to do!!

When I first wanted to do this, I was nervous about being “so new”. A veteran knitter said, that new knitters make the best teachers because we remember what it is like to be so new!!!

I do want to say tho…when people say “i wish I could knit”, and I say, I can teach you…that’s about as far as it goes…lol…