Sort of new knitter - I need help! :(

I’m new here. I’ve been knitting for about two years. Just knitting. It is the only stitch I know how to do. This is a picture of what I’d like to learn how to do:

I just can’t figure out. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere on this site and I can’t find instructions for knitting just like that. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

-Lizzy :heart:

Elisabeth, I’m not really sure what you want to do…learn stockinette stitch? (That’s where all your knit stitches are on the same side.)

If you want to learn to do that, you’ll need to learn the purl stitch, which Amy has videos for.

are you talking about getting the Vs? That is stockinette stitch. You need to watch Amy’s video on how to purl, and learn how to do that. Once you know how to purl, that stitch pattern is accomplished by knitting one row then purling one row, then knitting one row…etc.

You CAN do it by doing just knit stitches if you knit in the round, but learning to purl would be a good idea if you want to do anything that isn’t a tube.

Here is the techniques page. You can watch all the videos. Binding )or Casting) off is the picture you’re showing.

I got it! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile: Purling is eeeaaaasy.

Congrats!!! :cheering:

These forums seem really neat. Everyone is super friendly. :hug:

Yes. Yes we are!

Welcome to the forum! Looks like you already have answers so have fun and ask for help when you need it!