sort of double knitting

Hello. Does anyone know what this stitch/design is called? Or better still, where I might find a pattern? Cheers and thanks. Pam

It looks like entrelac to me. Ravelry has lots of entrelac patterns and you might find something similar.

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I don’t think that’s true entrelac. I think it’s strips of machine-knit stockinette with a rolled and seamed edge on each strip, woven together and machine-seamed on the inside. Very cool construction! You’ll get a similar effect from entrelac, but it only creates the illusion of being woven, instead of tucking over and under with that neat shadow line you get from this unusual construction.

Anybody agree/disagree?

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Thank you, Ouisi

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I could see that some of the patterns I looked at were basically squares
knitted from each other, with triangles at the edges (to attach to the
seams) while the photo I have looked far more like a woven construction.
What you said makes sense - thanks. But too complicated for me to work out
a pattern!

Looks woven to me, too. Pamm, it’s almost more of a sewing pattern once you have the knit strips.
This was the closest I could find.

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Hi, Salmonmac

Yes, I think lattice might be the best way to describe it. Thanks for your
help. I could just invent the ribbing and collar but creating that lattice
section to the right size and then working out how to do the sleeves looks
far too hard for me. Think I’ll have to come up with something else.

Cheers, and thanks again