Sort of bored

Hi everyone,
After finishing up my cable and plume baby sweater I wipped up a pair of felted clogs in like two days and was sort of bored with it. I enjoy making them and i’m going to make a tone more (because i bought WAY to much felting wool) but i sort of want to try something new and challenging. I found the baby sweater really satisfying when it was done because i had to do so much trouble shooting but I DID IT and it felt so good. Now I don’t know what to do next. I don’t like making sweaters or shirts skirts blankets etc. Nothing big. I just wondered if any of you fab knitters has a favourite pattern that you could suggest that I could take a peak at? That one pattern that your always trying to get someone to make because you enjoy it so much and you just know they would too if they would only try it? I’m the only knitter I know so i don’t have anyone but you guys to swap with. If anyone has time i’d love to see your favourite patterns. THANKS!!!:grphug:

Go to I just learned about this guy Jared this week. He’s a great inspiration. I am knitting two things now because of him.

try mittens – you can do lacey gloves or color work mittens. There is a herringbone mitten pattern for free out there somewhere (it is on ravelry) which I have plans to do. There are also fingerless mittens of all sorts. Quick projects with all sorts of skills to learn.

this is a pattern on knitty the yarn is like 50 to 55$ i bet you could sub anyway here

Coral, that knitting is amazing.

I think any of Elizabeth Zimmermans patterns fascinating. Now, I want to make a Pi for my bed. Maybe in an eggplant. Using the type of fiber he did boggles my mind.

I’ve been on a sock kick lately. or you cold try entrelac.

I just started this “garterlac” washcloth, it’s sorta cool. heres the pattern

It sounds like you need to knit socks! There are tons of sock patterns with varying degrees of difficulty to keep your mind interested. Lacy, cables, intarsia, the list just goes on and on!

cloud9 Oooo… I know what I’m making when I finish this baby sweater. I’ve been wanting to test my skills at entrelac and I LOVE dishcloths. Thanks!

Go to knittingpatterncentral and have a gander