Sorry this may make you queue longer

But these are just too cute! I had to share them!

How clever! I didn’t understand it until I saw the bottom picture. A HA!

And here is the linky for the non-Ravelryfied of us:

Those are cute. Fortunately I would never bother to knit mittens flat and seam them so they won’t make my queue longer. :teehee:

[U][B]ETA: I was wrong…they are knit in the round!! [/B][/U]

How cute is that!!!

Are they knit flat ??

those are too cute!

Ooo you know what? I was wrong! :shifty: They are knit in the round! Whew!

Love this and just ordered the pattern :woohoo:My 12 year old grandson will love these:woohoo:
Will just have to modify to be more for a boy.