Sorry Mason

I live in Portland Oregon. We had a big storm Sunday and yesterday that flooded I5 for 20 miles in a major halfway point between Portland and Seattle. THe news just said it will back up truckers for days. I immediatly thought of Mason being stuck in a motel waiting for our rainwater to level off. Maybe if he’s stuck somewhere good he can visit a LYS? Catch up on some knitting?

Thanks, but I am sitting nice and comfy at home in FL.

They closed parts of I5 in Seattle too; my son drives a beer truck around south King county… I’m sure the surface streets are worse in some areas, though.

I know I’m not the only one who whenever I pass a truck on the interstate, I look at the driver to see if it’s Mason. :slight_smile:

I’d totally be waving my knitting at you btw. :teehee:

Honestly, as much as I KIP while on the road I am surprised that I haven’t run across a KHer yet. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

Glad you’re safe and warm, Mason! You ever get to socal let me know!

We are supposed to get rain on Friday. A LOT of rain. We need it, but the hills in many places are nekkid since the fires so floods will now be the danger. :doh:

Don’t worry about me though, I’m fine where I am at the top of my “hill”. Only once since we lived her did we have any close call. It rained 6 inches in one day and our patio got flooded, but the doors are just high enough it didn’t come in. No danger of mudslides though thank goodness!

Honestly, as much as I KIP while on the road I am surprised that I haven’t run across a KHer yet. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

Well I don’t go to Applebee’s that often; it’s usually for lunch if we do and I pay no attention to who’s in the bar. But if you’re ever along I 25 halfway between Denver and Billings…

Oh I knit lots of places other than Applebee’s :rofl:

if you EVER come to maine, I will be personally offended of you do not look me up. We DO have an applebees in driving distance, and is near a hotel, and a motel. Not VERY near a LYS but we can make a road trip (me, kids, dog and mason)
we do have local brew pubs:inlove:
and relatively inexpensive seafood:happydance:
tempted yet??

remember, Mid-Coast Maine (that goes for the rest of you knitters on here who do not drive long haul too)

ecb:knitting: :cool:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this! :rofl:

We drove to Missouri from NC (and back) for Thanksgiving. I looked at a LOT of truckers. Good think my husband didn’t notice!

Ha. I was at Applebee’s Saturday night and had to take a peek at the bar to see if Mason was there with his knitting. And yeah, if I’m at a rest stop or something, I always look around and see if Mason is there.

Poor guy. One of these days he’s going to be accosted by one of us looney girly knitters and have no idea what hit him!



When we go south (to US) we stop at Applebee’s for meals. I will have to peer into the bar to look for you Mason.


I know you’ve mentioned that you have been in Wisconsin, but if you are ever in the Green Bay / Appleton area … (north east section) … let me know!!

Well, unless it’s the one in a certain WI town you’re not likely to find me. That’s just about the only one I visit with any regularity. I spend most of KIP time in truckstops and sometimes a tavern next to a truckstop.

:cheering: we have “Sightings” threads in car forums… maybe we need to start a “Mason Sightings!” thread here in kh? :slight_smile: or a “Where’s Mason?” frappr map? :roflhard: