I sure hope it’s normal to be super sore when you first start knitting! I only knit 11 rows today, but I feel like I’ve been knitting for days! shakes out arms :lol:

Well, you are using your muscles in different ways, but if you’re that sore, perhaps you’re holding your needles too tightly. Try conciously relaxing about every five rows or so: put the needles down, clench your fist as tightly as you can, then release it, and feel the difference between tense and relaxed. Repeat as necessary.

Welcome to the cult I mean club!

I think it’s normal, in a not so normal way. It really depends on how you’re holding the needles, and what you’ve been knitting, and also what kind of needles you’ve been using. Also, sometimes people tense up when they knit. I know that I do, gradually throughout time. I just have to catch myself when I notice my shoulders are scrunching up toward my neck which has made my back sore. Although I’ve also gotten sore from purling too many stitches (so the thick muscle near my thumb aches), and also I’ve gotten numbness in my fingers and writs before. If you tell me what’s sore, I may be able to help you ease it. I’m the massage therapist in training round these parts :wink: About halfway done too :smiley:

I sometimes get sore - especially with very small 2mm needles. I just give it a rest for half an hour, have a cup of tea, and carry on! There is always some washing to put out!

I hear you loud & clear…Im only 30ish lol been knitting for over a year now & get pains from my elbow down to my wrists plus my hands go numb…pretty sure I have carpal tunnel though from my job, so that probably doesnt help.

If it’s your actual ‘bones’ that seem to be giving you trouble try some glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate, if its tendons/muscle try some tiger balm or something(if your knitting for someone else you might want to omit the later, kinda stinky) :lol:


If you’re getting numbness and pain in your wrist and hand it’s due to a pinched nerve up near your neck. I’d rub the base of your neck to sooth it.

Really? Well you learn something new everyday!!!

I had a car accident afew years back & have never managed to be quite the same…my doc here in Canada is sooo overwhelmed with the number of patients, i dont think i get the time to really get examined…sounds right though now that i think of it…maybe some massage therapy might help :heart:

Ahhhhh, sounds good…lol
Rhy :smiley:

Thanks for this info…

Yeah, I end up hunching over and getting really tight…I think that’s my main problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Luckily my mom’s plan covers massage therapy, so there I’ll go! :smiley:

`yeah, my husbands does as well so im in’ :wink:


:XX: I am a very relaxed knitter. I dont knit very tight at all, I bet your holding your needles to tight :happydance: AmyC

I’d bet it has to do w/ how tight you hold your needles too…I had that a lot when I first started knitting but I never experience pain now…as my gauge balanced out, so did the pain…