Sore wrists

Hi, I’ve been knitting a sweater, but now my wrists are extremely sore. Tried gloves didn’t really help. Any suggestions? I don’t want to stop I haven’t finished yet. Thanks
Ps Am I holding the needles wromg?

Taking frequent breaks from knitting to do something else will help. You might also experiment with different ways of holding the needles and holding the working yarn. Some methods may be less stressful for you.
How do you currently hold the needles?

Also what type of needles do you use? Straight needles require you to support the full weight of whatever you’re knitting; circulars will allow the weight to mostly rest on your lap. Different knitting styles require different movements so you might look at trying a different style.

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Thanks I am using circular needles now,but after reading your posts I think I will try almost resting it on my lap. Thanks for the suggestions,

Thanks for the ideas, I am using circular needles but may try letting them rest on my lap more. Thanks again.

Sometimes for one reason or another I purposely work at a tight gauge for the yarn - like a pair of socks I just did in a dk/light worsted yarn on US 2 1/2 needles - and that can definitely bother my wrists. I knit Continental, can’t knit English well enough to compare the two. So if you’re a tight knitter you might need to try to loosen up a bit. If not and you’re using slick needles it can mean that you’re gripping things to keep the stitches from sliding around too much and different needles might help.

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When I began knitting again, 2-1/2 months ago, after 36 years, my hands hurt so bad I almost quit altogether, but after a few days it wasn’t so bad. I do have osteo arthritis so always have some pain. I took breaks every 30 min. While working on the afghan.

I don’t know for sure if this’ll help you, I’ve been getting into the habit of doing this list of hand exercises a couple of times a day, at least on days where I do a lot of knitting. I did stop getting pains in my hands once I started doing them, but it might just have been because I was more used to knitting and was less tense by that point anyway. I figure it certainly can’t hurt!

Thank you so very much! I certainly will try the exercises!