Sore fingers?

Anyone else get extremely sore fingers and sometimes shoulders when knitting for longer periods of time? If so, how do you remedy it? Thanks in advance!

For sore muscles:


Ruby red grapefruit juice and vodka.

The fingers will toughen up with time.

When I started knitting endlessly, I’d go to bed at night and my fingers would ache. It went away–just like any new muscle movement.

If it’s the tip of your fingers, try pushing on the needle more to the side than right on the point.

Thanks for the tips. It isn’t the tips of my fingers, but rather the joints.

You maybe holding your needles and yarn too tight, and scrunching up your shoulders as you knit. The needles won’t go anywhere and it helps to consciously be aware of your body position, take deep breaths and relax. Take a break at least every hour and get up and do something else, stretch out your arms and rotate your head and wiggle your shoulders.

I wiggle around a lot while knitting. I’ll sit with one leg crossed on top, then switch. Lean this way and that. Put my feet up and sit up straight. If I could manage to knit laying down, I’d do it, too!

I’m naturally a fidgeter, and it keeps me from staying hunched in one position too long. I also switch up how I knit. I’ll do a few rows holding needles and yarn one way, then change it to something else.

Don’t hold your needles and yarn too tightly. I’m knitting a tight gauge sweater, and after a while, I have a dark red line across my left index finger, which doesn’t bother me at all, but the soreness after knitting for a few hours does, I’ve found that soaking them in hot water for 10 minutes does the trick, it relaxes the muscles and joints.

I know it’s the last thing you want to do when you’re on a roll with your knitting, but take regualr breaks, stand up, walk around, stretch your shoulders, neck, and arms.

My Solution. I read Knitting without tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman.She says that knitting should be fun.So relax and have fun.

The tips of my fingers get sore also from pushing my needles. I have also found that when I knit for long periods of time, my fingers turn the color of the yarn I am using! They were orange last week. I told people I was obsessed with cheese popcorn!:roflhard:



Once in awhi;le I would get sore finger finger from pushing the needles with my finger tips. I told a lady at JoAnn’s ( Craft Store here.) And she showed me what to use. They make plastic little thingys that go on the fingers you push the needles with. They are like little thimbles that gpo on your fingers.

Try looking for them.


Next time I am by there I am so looking for a pair.