Sore Finger Help

I am new and am probably still in the process of perfecting how I hold my needles, etc. I am using the continental method and think with time the right index finger might get sore from pushing the needle down when taking off the stitch. Is there a gadget for this to put on your finger or do I need to work on not pushing the needle down with my finger.

I’m not saying I never push the needle down, but I do try to make an effort to pull off stitches instead (I pull it off at a little bit of an angle so I actually feel a subtle little “pop” when it’s pulled off successfully). I use my left hand to inch up the yarn a bit as I knit.

If you’re really putting a lot of pressure on your index finger to push the needle down, you might want to relax a little while knitting. It sounds like your stitches might be a bit tight, requiring extra effort to push the needle down.

my finger started to get sore when i first started knitting, but after a while i got used to it and now i don’t notice anymore. if it still bothers you after a while you could wrap your finger in athletic tape.

It sounds like your stitches might be a bit tight, requiring extra effort to push the needle down

After awhile, you won’t do that. For one thing, it slows down your knitting. You might want to put down your knitting and flex your hands every few minutes, to relieve stress.

Eh, actually I’ve been knitting 4 years and I still do this. I’m a pretty quick knitter, too, so it hasn’t slowed me down. ^^ I developed a callous on my index finger - the same kind I got when I took up guitar. Everybody has a different style. You could try a rubber sewing thimble if you want or you could try to change your style - whatever makes you happy. ^^

That’s something that I did my first few months knitting, but I don’t do it anymore. You kind of drift away from that as you get more comfortable

I had this when I started knitting, but when I relaxed my tension a bit it went away. However, for small gauge knitting I still get it, so all I did was I went to a pound store and got a huge box of cheap plasters (bandaids) and put the cushioned bit over the finger. I keep them in my knitting bag and didn’t have any more blisters :slight_smile:

First I’d like to say “see the knitting-wine” thread :smiley: Then, I have been knitting pretty religiously since Aug 2007 and just cast on a sock this weekend—my WHOLE body was tense. It was ridiculous. My FEET were flexed up even, I was like a board. Just try to relax a bit, be conscious of it and see if it gets better then. :slight_smile:

I was knitting with cotton yarn on tiny needles (not a good plan!) and found I was having to push a LOT with my fingers. What I did was go to the office supply store and buy some of those rubber thingies that you use to sort papers…sort of a little fingertip cover. Mine were “knobby” so I turned them inside out, and found they worked great. They were only just under $1 for a set of 6.

I also found I developed a bit of a callous, and also that after a time, and with the right yarn/needle combination, it isn’t an ongoing problem. :slight_smile: