Sore arm?

Hello! I just taught myself how to knit using the Klutz series book on knitting! How much fun I am having! I am knitting a scarf right now, and was wondering if you all had to build up a tolerance in your forearm? My forearm is sore! That little band of muscle that goes all the way to your elbow!
Anyways, just wanted to know if anyone else had this?

I get that alot, even though I’ve been knitting for a while. You should probably just take a break when it happens, and it does seem to get less frequent with time. Don’t work through the pain and injure it though! It would be horrible not to be able to knit! :crying: And, you know, do other stuff that requires hands/arms. :smiley:

Oh yeah, arm & hand pain was normal for me when I 1st began…I’m thinking it’s from using muscles in ways that we didn’t normally do :wink: . It still happens from time to time, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to take breaks when knitting so this doesn’t happen…just like Mer said…don’t injure yourself! Knit for a while & stop and I’m sure u will build up tolerance, like with any muscle…we happen to have strong knitting muscles around here, I guess…LOL! I do bc I knit ALL THE TIME :wink:

My hubby says I’ll have popeye arms soon enough! Lordy I feel like it too!

I get this alot as well, and it’s just best to take a break. I also get pains from my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(already had surgery on one hand at age 18), so I realize the way that your hands can be held while you knit can also effect this, so once you’re taking your break, it’s good to stretch your hand back and stretch the carpal so your nerves don’t get scrunched. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! That makes me feel better, like I am not a freak for being sore from KNITTING! I am a hygienist and you would think that my muscle there is strong–but then again, I dont tweak my wrist up during my work–I bet that long time knitters have an increased risk for carpel tunnel!
Anyways, thanks again!
Also–good lord, I think about knitting so often during the day! (My new favorite thing!) (besides horses!)