Sophi's Sweater

Hi knitters. I don’t get on here much anymore. When I checked the messages from the last time I’d been on it was 1,700 or so. I just wanted to share a sweater I made for my G.D. for christmas. It is a little big, she will grow into it by next winter.

That is so pretty! She’s a cutiepie!

Very pretty…and I like the sweater too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments. AS fast as kids grow, I hope she doesn’t grow out of by next winter. She’s my little dolly :heart:

Sweater is too cute and she is just adorable!

Aww cute sweater and I want to touch the little girls cheeks they are so cute.

So cute - It looks so comfy!

Very cute and beautiful little girl!

Very cute :heart:

Very cute! (Both the sweater and the little girl!)

Very sweet and cute~!

Welcome back~! :cheering: :hug: :cheering: